NORTHEAST At his Bopnique Musique Studios in Chelmsford, MA, Anthony Resta recorded and performed drums and percussion on three songs for Java/Capitol


At his Bopnique Musique Studios in Chelmsford, MA, Anthony Restarecorded and performed drums and percussion on three songs forJava/Capitol artists Splashdown. Brian Carrigan and the band areproducing; Glen Ballard is the executive producer...David ClaytonThomas tracked for a self-produced independent release at Bear Tracks(Suffern, NY) with engineer Doug Oberkircher and assistant SteveRegina... Queen Esther tracked in Studio A at EastSide Sound (NYC) withexecutive producer Michael Golla and engineers Lou Holtzman andFederico Panero...At Pie Studios (Glen Cove, NY) Norwegian vocalistSissel worked on her first American solo release with producers RickChertoff and Rob Hy-man, engineer William Wittman and assistant GeorgeFullan. Chieftains leader Paddy Maloney took advantage of the singer'spresence at Pie and brought in a song from his band's forthcomingrelease, to which Sissel added lead vocals...


At Skip Saylor Recording (L.A.), Almo Sounds artists Ozomatlitracked and mixed for an upcoming release with producer T-Ray andengineer Anton. Wayne-O was in with producer Budda working on a newSony release engineered by Lamont. Daniel Romero assisted on bothsessions...Righteous Brother Bill Medley tracked vocals for a nationalDr Pepper spot in Studio A at The Village Recorder (West L.A.); inStudio F novelist Jackie Collins narrated the book-on-tape version ofher L.A. Connections series...Boot (grand prize winners of the DiscMakers Independent Music World Series) cut new tracks at Music GrinderStudios (L.A.) with engineer Dave "Rainman" Banta...Sean "Puffy" Combshas been frequenting several studios at The Record Plant (L.A.),producing various projects, including a remix of the Smashing Pumpkins'"Ava Adore." Carole King was also in with producer/engineer HumbertoGatica, tracking and mixing a song for the You've Got Mail soundtrack.Jan Fairchild and C.J. DeVillar assisted...At Ocean Way (Hollywood),Jewel mixed her new release, Spirit, with producer Patrick Leonard,engineers Kevin Killen and Ross Hogarth, and assistants Rob Banerjeeand John Sorenson...Sugar Ray recorded and mixed their new release atScream Studios (Studio City) with producer David Kahne and engineerJohn Travis on the studio's SSL 9000 J...


R. Kelly fininshed final mixes for his new Jive/Zomba release inStudio 4 at Chicago Recording Company with engineers Stevo George andTony Masserati. Also in were Reprise rockers Flaming Lips, recordingand mixing with producer/engineer Peter Mokran...At Madjef Productions,producer Gary Hines and engineer/producer Jeff Taylor recorded andmixed the single "Nothing Keep U Down" for the Virgin Recordssoundtrack to Down In the Delta...Swedish combo Loosegoats tracked andmixed a new album at Smart Studios (Madison, WI) with producer BrianPaulson and engineer Mark Haines...


Mariah Carey payed a visit to Criteria Studios in Miami, continuingwork on new material for Columbia. The 48-track digital project wasengineered by Dana Chappelle with assistance from Chris Carroll. Visitthe studio's new Web site at Kingtracked at Masterfonics in Nashville with producer Billy Joe Walker,engineer David Thoener and assistant Glenn Spinner...At American HollyStudios (Charleston, SC), original Drifter Calvin Taylor worked on asolo project with composer/arranger Kevin White and engineer JohnUhrig...Christy Sutherland overdubbed for Giant Records at SoundEmporium (Nashville) with producer Garth Fundis and engineer DaveSinko, then mixed with engineers Chuck Ainlay and Mark Ralston...Overat Nashville's Emerald Sound, Patty Loveless tracked for Epic withproducer Emory Gordy and engineer Russ Martin...Indie rockers NovaExpress recorded with producer/engineer Rob Tavaglione at CatalystRecording in Charlotte, NC...Epic artists 7 Mile tracked for a newrelease at Doppler Studios (Atlanta) with producer J-Dub, engineerRalph Cacciurri and assistant Jason Rome...


At Colorado Sound (Westminster, CO) former Cream/Traffic drummerGinger Baker led his new jazz Quintet through their paces duringtracking sessions for a new CD. Baker produced with Ron Miles, andDanny Kopelson engineered. Also, Steve Miller stopped in during arecent tour to record tracks for a U.S. Post Office ad campaign,produced by Karl Westman and engineered by Jeff Shuey...


Boston-based Goin' Mobile added 32 tracks of Tascam DA-88 to itsremote truck, complementing 32 tracks of ADAT. The company iscelebrating its 13th year of location recording... Opened recently inOakland, CA, recording and audio post facility Studio 880 offers an1,800-square-foot live room with two iso booths and 48 tracks of analogand digital recording...Royaltone Studios (North Hollywood, CA)promoted studio manager Jane Scobie to vice president. Now in itsfourth year of operation, Royaltone recently hosted sessions for Toto,Mudhoney, Royal Crown Revue and Rod Stewart...The Cleveland Instituteof Music added an array of Tascam gear to its facilities, includingDA-38 and DA-98 mulititracks and a DA-30 MkII DAT recorder...TheEastman School of Music (Rochester, NY) installed a SADiE 24*96workstation to complement its four Genex 8000 digital8-tracks...Nashville public radio station WPLN recently moved to newfacilities designed by the Russ Berger Design Group. The11,500-square-foot building includes four on-air control rooms, as wellas equipment rooms, edit suites and offices...Laughing Tiger Studios(San Rafael, CA) installed a custom SSL 4052 G Plus console withUltimation, Total Recall and E Series EQ throughout...Burlington A/VRecording Media hosted a listening session at Avatar Studios (NYC) topreview the new Quantegy GP9 analog tape for industryprofessionals.