SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA In an attempt to prove just how much cooler they are than the rest of us, singer/songwriter Marianne Faithfull and ex-Smashing Pumpkins


In an attempt to prove just how much cooler they are than therest of us, singer/songwriter Marianne Faithfull and ex-SmashingPumpkins frontman Billy Corgan were recently in at The Village(West Los Angeles) conjuring dead spirits, sipping absinthe andco-writing songs for Faithfull's follow-up to the 1999 releaseVagabond Ways. The Village also recently hosted a sessionwith Harry Connick Jr., who was in working on the soundtrack forthe film Life Without Dick… Producer/engineer DonGilmore (Eve 6, Linkin Park, Sugar Ray) was at NRG Studios (LosAngeles) cutting tracks for new Dreamworks act the ApexTheory… Weezer was busy putting the final touches on along-awaited new album for Interscope Records at Music GrinderStudios (Los Angeles); Ken Allardyce was there to engineer withPeter DiRado assisting… Graham Nash cruised into ConwayStudios (Hollywood) to work on a solo project with thefather-and-son production team of Russ and Nathaniel Kunkel. MariahCarey was also hanging out at Conway with engineer Dana Chappell;the two were working on the soundtrack to Carey's new movie AllThat Glitters… Ocean Way Recording (Hollywood) hostedBuena Vista Social Club alumni Eliades Ochoa. Ochoa was in workingon a new album with his group Record One. John Wooler was given thenod to produce the effort with engineer Sally Browder… Out atBernie Grundman Mastering (Hollywood), mix engineer Alan Meyersonand mastering engineer Pat Sullivan added the final tweaks toGladiator II, the second CD from the Hans Zimmer filmscore… Future Disc Systems (West Hollywood) put the finalcoat of gloss on Kina's (Dreamworks) current remix single“Me”; the cut was remixed by Barry Harris and ChrisCox. In on the mastering session were Future Disc engineers KrisSolem and vinyl specialist Kevin Gray. Solem also mastered the newalbum by artist Rome entitled To the Highest, set forrelease on JTJ Empire Records.


Out promoting his latest album, Eat at Whitey's,Everlast treated a lucky few at Indre Studios (Philadelphia) to anacoustic set hosted by local radio station Y100; studio ownerMichael Comstock recorded the session… Sound on SoundRecording (NYC) saw a number of high-profile artists pass though inrecent weeks: Jennifer Lopez got the remix treatment from producersPuff Daddy and Mario Winans; Jim Janick and assistant Bojan Dugichwere in to engineer. Arista's Faith Evans cut some vocals withproducer Mario Williams, engineer Janick and assistant AlisonLauth. 112 also camped out at Sound on Sound with producer Saint,engineer Wayne Allison and assistant Stennett Cyril working on somevocal takes… It's been a busy spring at Shelter Sound (NYC):Bob Power produced the new Citizen Cope CD for Dreamworks. JoeFerla mixed the new Chris Cheek album for Fresh Sound records.Producer Gary Katz and engineer Dave Dill worked with artist SarahBuras on an upcoming release for Dreamworks. Steve Addabbo produceda new effort with Love Seed Mama Jump for Plump/Artemis; Matt Kanewas in to engineer.


A moody ’80s synth pop classic gets a facelift at Toast!(San Francisco). Studio owner/producer Philip Steir recentlyremixed New Order's “True Faith”; Steir createdentirely new music for the song, keeping only the original vocaltracks. Also at Toast!, Butterfly Jones, which includes MichaelGurley (formerly of Dada), were in Studio B with Steir working ontheir debut effort for Vanguard Records. And, as always, SF localsThird Eye Blind spent some of their label's money working on a newsong for an upcoming film… Studio 880 (Oakland, CA) hostedthe shooting of VH-1's Behind the Music for Green Day.Members of the band returned to Studio 880, where they trackedtheir Platinum record Warning, to talk about their musicalcareer. Also, Castro Sinatra, the new project of the rhythm sectionof Faith No More, tracked drums for 12 songs. Tone engineered thesession, and Reto Peter assisted. Artist Shane Kelly also cruisedout to Studio 880 with producer Jeffrey Chin and engineer MarkNeedham to work on her new record; Tone was in to assist…Full Spectrum Jazz recently stepped into Annex Digital (Menlo Park,CA), formerly Music Annex, to work on their second album. Theeffort was tracked and mixed by senior engineer Tom Carr…Rainstorm Studio (Bellevue, WA) hosted hardcore industrialistsContingence. They were tracking a new album with staff engineersPaul Speer and Steve Carter. Additionally at Rainstorm, punk rockoutfit Bound by Fate were in working with Carter on their debutsingle, and Speer finished mixes for Room XIII's latest EP…Chris Bingham stopped in at Audio Logic Inc. (Seattle) to beginwork on his fourth CD. Jay Kenney got the nod to engineer theeffort, and Chris Bingham and Sue Tinney shared production duties.Jim Evans put three more songs in the can for his upcoming releaseBoundless; Kenney was again in to engineer, and theproduction was handled by Jim Evans and Bingham. A cappellasensation m-pact tracked vocals for their contribution to anall-vocal tribute to The Beatles. Britt Quentin's arrangement of“8 Days a Week” was engineered by Kenney and Guy Staleyand produced by Quentin.


New England's Staind finished up their new album at SouthernTracks Recording (Atlanta). Nü metal-god Josh Abraham was into produce the effort with Brendan O'Brien mixing. Ryan Williamswas the second mix engineer, and Karl Egsieker was tapped toassist… Ruby Red Productions (Atlanta) recently hostedIsland/Def Jam recording artists Injected. Butch Walker of theMarvelous 3 switched gears to produce and co-engineer theforthcoming project… Union Station stepped into the Neve roomat Seventeen Grand (Nashville) with producer Alison Krauss,engineer Gary Paczosa and assistant Chris Scherbak to work on a newproject for Rounder Records. Artist Chris Thile was also hangingaround mixing and making some final tweaks to a new self-producedrelease; the sessions were engineered by Paczosa and assistantBobby Morse.


Sunsinger Recording artist Edwin Ray recently completed trackingat Pogo Studios (Champaign, IL) with producer Mark Rubel. Theupcoming release features Starcastle guitarist Matt Stewart. Alsorecording at Pogo was Tibanna, of Portland, Ore, with PaulMalinowsky engineering… Grammy-nominated artist Billy Branchrecently finished his latest blues album Super Harps atParagon Studios (Chicago) with engineer Jack LeTourneau.


Allen Sides of Ocean Way and Akira Taguchi of JVC have teamed upto open the new Ocean Way/JVC Mastering Studio (Hollywood). The newroom boasts a dizzying array of both digital and analog masteringsolutions… Soundcastle (Los Angeles) recently installed aSolid State Logic SL 4000 G Plus console. The 80-input board willreside in Soundcastle's Studio 2… Soundtrack Boston, aseven-room recording and post facility, upgraded its Studio E withthe installation of a Sony DMX-R100 digital console… GoldSound (Southfield, MI) an audio post facility, recently installed a16-fader Logic 3 mixing console and AudioFile audio editing systemin its new room, Audio Post 3.

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