SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA Those dudes who look like ladies, Aerosmith, pulled into The Village (West Los Angeles) with producer Mark Hudson to work on their


Those dudes who look like ladies, Aerosmith, pulled into TheVillage (West Los Angeles) with producer Mark Hudson to work ontheir latest album set for release on Columbia Records. New Britishboy band a1 (who recently inked a U.S. deal with Sony Music)brought their four-part harmonies, $200 highlight jobs and charmingaccents to The Village to work on their new album, The A List. Thegroup booked Studio F and worked with producer/engineer AlexGreggs…Every rose has a thorn; not eager to squander theirBehind the Music buzz, Poison, L.A.'s kings of glam, glitter andrehab, checked into Track Record Studios (North Hollywood) to mixtheir upcoming album with producer Richie Zito, engineer PhilKaffel and assistant Ai Fujisaki. Also in at Track, core Wu-TangClan member/producer RZA stopped in to continue work on theforthcoming Wu-Tang Clan album The W with engineer Choco Reynoso.RZA also teamed up with producers Rick Rubin and Amy Finerty,engineer Reynoso and assistant Eric Williams to work with System ofa Down. The band was recording a track for the Loud Rocks CD forLoud Records, which also features Tom Morello (Rage Against theMachine) on guitar…Out in Studio City, producer Matt Wallace(Faith No More, Train) was in at Scream Studios mixing the latestoffering from Blues Traveler. Producer Brendan O'Brien also cruisedinto Scream to work with The Offspring on the track“Vulture”; engineer Steven Rhodes assisted on bothsessions…Out at Sound Image (Van Nuys), producer/engineersPaul Q. Kelderie and Sean Slade pushed the faders on The Go-Go'sforthcoming release for Beyond Records; Matt Lavella was in toassist. Roadrunner artists Anyone were also hanging out at SoundImage. The group was in recording their debut effort withproducer/engineer Andrew “Mudrock” Murdock andassistant Aidan Flax-Clark.


G. Love & Special Sauce were in at Indre Studios(Philadelphia) adding final tweaks and tucks to their forthcomingalbum; Chris DiBeneditto was tapped to produce the effort. Marahwere also in working on potential material for an upcoming ArtemisRecords release. Producer/engineer Paul Smith and Indre's ownengineer, Michael Comstock, pushed the faders with Matthew Milnerassisting…An eclectic group of artists have been cruisingthrough the doors at Sound On Sound Recording (NYC). TheGrammy-winning Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir spent some time in StudioC cutting their latest release with producer Michael Archibald andengineer Richard Furch. Vocalist Linda Eder worked on her newalbum, Christmas Stays the Same, in Studio A with producer FrankWildhorn and independent engineer Devin Emke. Atlantic producerArif Mardin and engineer Michael O'Reilly also stepped in to workwith Eder on one additional song in Studio C. Producer/engineerJohn Holbrook booked Studio B to mix RCA artist David Mead's newalbum…Out at Shelter Island Sound (NYC), producer SteveAddabbo has been laying down some fresh cuts with Delaware-basedLove Seed Mama Jump; the effort is set for release on Plump/ArtemisRecords; Matt Kane was in to engineer. Mix engineer Bill Emmons andproducer Dan Petty were in mixing a new release for artist MichelleLewis, and producer Don Fleming and Kane were in mixing a newrecord for indie rock act Blackfire.


At Dead Aunt Thelma's Studio (Portland, OR), artist Tom Grantcut some new tracks for a future release with Mike Mooreengineering. Nicole Campbell continued tracking on her new projectwith Tony Lash producing and Jeff Saltzman engineering. TheBaseboard Heaters are working on their next CD with Luther Russellproducing and Moore behind the desk…Out at Whiskey RidgeRecording (Marysville, WA), the new group Sour Dan was in workingon a project slated for release later this year. Artist DavidBottomeller is tracking acoustic guitar for a folk/inspirationalproject, and Michele Brown continued work on her CD ofcountry/gospel originals…At Jackpot! Recording (Portland,OR), the Washington, DC-based band Dismemberment Plan dropped inwhile on tour to record a Christmas song with Larry Craneengineering. Crane also mixed the new Fernando album, began work onthe latest Pinehurst Kids release (titled Burn It Clean), started anew album with Stephanie Schniederman (with Chris Murphy producing)and completed an album for the punk rock outfit One LastThing…New York-based a cappella group, The Persuasions, putthe final touches on an album of Grateful Dead tunes titled Mightas Well…The Persuasions Sing Grateful Dead at PaulStubblebine Mastering (San Francisco); Stubblebine and Mike Coganengineered the sessions.


Producer/engineer Greg Droman was in Sound Kitchen's (Franklin,TN) Studio A mixing Brooks & Dunn's seventh studioalbum…George Jones strutted into Emerald (Nashville) withproducer Emory Gordy Jr., engineer Justin Niband and assistantJason Piske. Tracy Bird was also in cutting some new material;producer Billy Joe Walker Jr., engineer Julian King and assistantCobble were in to make the magic happen. Lonestar was also hangingaround doing some tracking for a forthcoming RCA release; Dann Huffwas in to produce with engineer Jeff Balding and assistants Hackleand Bickel…Artist Michelle Malone locked out Studio A at TheZone Recording Studio (Atlanta) to work on an upcoming release withproducer Rick Beato and Billy Hume. Brit pop outfit Film cut sometracks for the independent film Losing Grace. The band also workedwith engineer Julian Whisperlink on a song for the 99X Christmasalbum…At The Warehouse Studios (Miami), Jewel camped out towork on both a new album and a movie soundtrack. Producer CesarLemos was at the helm with Silvio Richetto engineering. Heat MusicInc. artist Marty Cintron was also getting some sun in Miami whileworking at The Warehouse with producer Dennis Dellinger andengineers Charles Barwick and Norman Smith…Faith Hill mixedher Thanksgiving Day special at Seventeen Grand Recording(Nashville) with producer Byron Gallimore, mix engineer BufordJones and assistant Chris Scherbak. Also at Seventeen, Gary Pacasoawas in mixing an upcoming Dolly Parton project. Producer SteveBuckingham also sat in on the session, and Thomas Johnsonassisted…112 stopped in at Doppler Studios Inc. (Atlanta) towork on overdubs for a future Bad Boy Entertainment release. RalphCacciurri engineered the session with the assistance of Jason Romeand Steve Fisher. Keeping their momentum going, Fastball were alsohanging out at Doppler tracking some new cuts with producer RussellCarter, Cacciurri, Fisher and assistant engineer Jason Block.


At Pogo Studios (Champaign, IL), Kansas City group Shinerrecorded their latest release with engineer Paul Malinowski. Also,Phineas Gage recorded and mixed at Pogo with producer MarkRubel…Cleveland-based This Face Down has been hard at work onan upcoming release at Immortal Productions Studios (Canal Fulton,OH), with producer Cal Moore. The punk/pop outfit Five Seconds Latewas also in at Immortal mixing their debut release One Night; Moorewas again at the helm…Up-and-coming teen diva Lindsey Markelhas been at Up On the Roof Recording (Lombard, IL) withproducer/studio owner Mark Blas. Her album is slated for releasethis spring.


Rhyme, Rhythm and Reason Recording Studio (East Rutherford, NJ)recently acquired a Trident 80C console (outfitted with Uptownmoving fader automation) and Sony APR-24 2-inch machine that wasformerly owned by Butch Vig and Smart Studios…Phase 1 of thenew Zupano Audio Complex (Atlanta) recently opened its doors. JimZumpano and Michel Eber of Eber Design designed the new facility,which boasts two Pro Tools suites, a mastering suite and an analogtracking room featuring a Rupert Neve-designed Amek 9098iconsole…Soundtrack Recording (NYC) has upgraded its Studio Fwith the installation of a new Solid State Logic Avant digitalpost/film console.

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