NORTHWEST Way up north at Rainstorm Studios (Bellevue, WA), the Tacoma-based band Room XIII began tracking their latest album with producer/engineer/studio


Way up north at Rainstorm Studios (Bellevue, WA), theTacoma-based band Room XIII began tracking their latest album withproducer/engineer/studio owner Paul Speer. Edmonton, Alberta'sPainting Daisies were also in mixing a forthcoming release withSpeer. Queensryche drummer Scott Rockenfield and Speer worked on abonus track for the European release of their latest album, Hell'sCanyon, which is set for release on the Dutch imprint Bee BeeRecords…At Jackpot! Recording (Portland, OR), the PinehurstKids and producer Larry Crane finished the bulk of the band's thirdalbum. King Black Acid were also in at Jackpot! working on a newalbum with engineer Jeff Saltzman…Out at Master Works(Seattle), producer R. Chris Murphy tapped engineer Barry Corlissto master the latest release by the Swedish band Yellow Fever inStockholm…The Degenerate Art Ensemble finished mixing theirlatest recordings, Rinko and Razor Stitch, at Gravelvoice(Seattle). Black Cat Orchestra were also in mixing their soundtrackcontribution to the Fritz Lang film Spies. Scott Colburn was in toengineer both sessions…Out on the island, producer/engineerJonathan Fluevog finished up the latest release for Shack Recordsartist Jet 3 at Vogville Recording (Vancouver, BC)…New bandMonovox took a jaunt across the Golden Gate to Studio D (Sausalito,CA) to lay down some basic tracks for JerryHarrison produced the effort with Karl Derfler engineering, andSteve Pierson was in to assist. Bay Area natives Huey Lewis and theNews also spent some time at Studio D mixing some live tracks foran upcoming release with Joel Jaffe at the console.


A band named Goo: The Goo Goo Dolls saw no reason not tocontinue with a winning formula — the band recently returnedto Ocean Way Recording (Hollywood) to work on their forthcomingHollywood Records release with engineer/studio owner Allen Sides,producer Rob Cavallo and programmer Tal Herzberg…Quiet Riotstepped into Rumbo Recorders (Canoga Park, CA) to track some newmaterial with producer/engineer John Rollo and assistant PosieMuliadi…A busy fall at Skip Saylor Recording (Los Angeles):Sony Music artist Ginuwine and producer Raphael Saadiq were intracking new material; Daniel Romero and Claudio Cueni engineeredwith Paul Smith and Regula Merz assisting. Artist Eric Benet andproducer Ali Shaheed were tracking and mixing an upcoming WarnerBros. Records release; Cueni and Romero were again tapped toengineer with Smith, Merz and Ian Blanch assisting. Cueni and Merzalso added some sheen to the forthcoming Tupac Shakur album forInterscope Records…Sound Image (Van Nuys, CA) sawproducers/engineers Paul Q. Kolderie and Sean Slade stopping in atStudio A to work on the forthcoming The Go-Go's record for BeyondRecords; Matt Lavella was in to assist. New band Anyone wereworking with producer Andrew “Mudrock” Murdock andassistant Aidan Flax-Clark on their debut effort for RoadrunnerRecords. Studio B saw Goodvibe Recordings artist Mystic andengineer Matt Lavella adding the finishing touches to her debuteffort…MCA Records band Fenix TX has been in at Ocean Studios(Burbank) with producer Jerry Finn and engineer Sean O'Dwyer; JoshLynch and Stacey Dodds were in to assist.


To the extreme he rocks a mic like a vandal: Vanilla Ice cruisedinto Avatar Recording (NYC) to mix some fresh cuts from hisforthcoming album, Skabz, with mix engineer Jason Corsaro (Madonna,Moby, Ozzy Osborne)…New Jersey natives Bouncing Soulsrecently bopped into Big Blue Meenie Studios (Jersey City, NJ) towork on the follow-up to the group's ’99 release HopelessRomantic. The band enlisted the help of engineer/producer JohnSeymour to track and mix the new project…Vocalist Joe Henrywas camped out at Sear Sound's (NYC) Studio C to work on anupcoming Hollywood Records release. Craig Street was in to producethe effort with engineer Husk Hoskolds; Todd Parker and Aaron Franzassisted…Producer Neil McLellan (Erasure, The Prodigy) andengineer Dave Bascombe (Depeche Mode) stopped by The Lodge (NYC) tomaster an upcoming release from Papillon/Chrysalis Records artistTerrorvision. Mastering engineer Emily Lazar hosted the boys fromthe UK at her studio for two days. Lazar also recently re-masteredtwo albums from the Get Up Kids for Doghouse Records…Angelsin the Architecture are working on their full-length debut for Lawof Inertia Records at Austin 7 Studios (Buffalo, NY); Tom Robinsonwas picked to produce and engineer…53 Days are working ontheir new LP at Audio Magic (Buffalo, NY). Gary Mallaber was in toproduce with Dave St. Onge engineering and Tom Robinson assisting.Also at Audio Magic, In From the Cold finished work on their debutwith producers Mallaber and Jack Sherman with St. Ongeengineering…Out at Boo Studios (Wakefield, RI), the bandRoomful of Blues were in to work on a new album with engineer DavidProut…Indre Studios (Philadelphia) saw none other than thelegendary Patti LaBelle stop in for some pre-production work on anupcoming release. LaBelle brought a full band, which includedmusical directors Budd Ellison and Nathaniel “Crockett”Wilkie…Some recent mastering work at Trutone Inc.(Hackensack, NJ): Engineer Phil Austin put the final coat of glosson the new Beastie Boys 7-inch single called “Buddy.”Austin also mastered a full-length Beastie Boys side projectentitled BS-2000, which is set for release on the group's GrandRoyal imprint. A busy man, Austin also made some final tweaks tothe new Gloria Gaynor track “Just Keep Thinking AboutYou,” a CD single for Logic Records…Producer/artistPuff Daddy stopped in at Sound On Sound Recording (NYC) to do somequick remix work for Jennifer Lopez. A number of artists on Puffy'sBad Boy Entertainment label were also camped out at Sound On Sound:Artists Shyne, Faith Evans, G-Dep, Carl Thomas, 112 and SheriDennis were all in mixing and tweaking forthcoming projects.


At the Congress House Studio (Austin, TX), Maceo Parker stoppedby to contribute to Ani DiFranco's new release for her RighteousBabe label. Andrew Gilchrist engineered and DiFranco produced theeffort.


The Faults (formerly The V-Roys) recorded their debut album atStealth Studios (Knoxville, TN), which is owned by the groupSuperdrag. Kevin G. Crothers was in to engineer, and the bandco-produced the project with Don Coffey Jr (Superdrag). John Davisand Sam Powers (also of Superdrag) contributed vocals and guitar tothe sessions…Artist Eric Knight recently spent some time atElysian Fields (Boca Raton, FL) working on his sophmore release for28 Records entitled Fractured Fairytales. Knight tapped Eric Roseto co-produce, Keith Rose to engineer and Chad Milosevich toassist…The good people at Oasis Recording (Atlanta) finishedup an audio post project for the new Michael Valverde film LosingGrace. Engineers Bob Gillespie and Brent Busby handled the sounddesign, which included editing, mixing, FoleyandADR…Porch/Virgin recording artist Over the Rhine spent sometime at East Iris Studios (Nashville) mixing their new release,Films for Radio, with engineer David Thoener…Tree SoundStudios (Norcorss, GA) recently hosted a number of projects ofnote: Destiny's Child came in to work with producers KB and Spec ona new release for Columbia Records; Mark Rains engineered thesessions with Adam Vincent assisting. UGK stopped in with producerPimp C to work on an upcoming release for Jive Records with BradTodd assisting. Elektra Records' Devyne were cutting some newmaterial with producer Akon and assistant engineerTodd…Producer/engineer Jeff Powell recently produced,engineered and mixed tracks at Ardent Studios and Humongous Studios(Memphis, TN) for folk/rock artist and Brooklyn native Lizzie West.Powell also spent some time tracking a new album by Rob Jungklasand a solo effort from Susan Marshall at Humongous.


We're all stars now at SR Audio (Des Moines, IA): Joey Jordison(Slipknot) spent the month of February working on an extended remixof the current Marilyn Manson single “The Fight Song,”which appears as a B-side on the single release…Out at HingeStudios (Chicago), Def Jam artist Jazz (also of Dru Hill) was incutting tracks with producer Mechalie Jaminson for his upcomingsolo release; Mat Prock and Steve Johnson engineered the sessions.Atlantic artist Brian Culbertson stopped in to track and mix hissixth release with producer Craig Bauer. Singer/songwriterextraordinaire Jackie Allen also found her way to Hinge to trackand mix her new CD with a cast of numerous local session gurus.Steve Weeder was brought in to engineer the sessions…TheHeatersons were camped out tracking and mixing their latest effortat Pogo Studios (Champaign, IL). The band is sharing productionresponsibilities with chief engineer Mark Rubel…Transmatic,who were recently picked up by Immortal/Virgin Records, have beentracking material for their debut at The Pop Machine(Indianapolis). The production was handled by twin bothers EricKlee and Marc Johnson.


Sonic Arts (Cincinnati) has reopened following a completeremodel. The new 3000-square-foot, Russ Berger-designed audio postfacility boasts two Pro Tools-equipped control rooms, including avoice booth and a live room, 5.1 mixing and monitoring, extensiveacoustic treatments, offices, conference rooms and alounge…Mirror Image Recorders (NYC) have recently upgradedStudio D of their Times Square facility with the installation of a64-channel SSL SL 9000 J…Extasy Recording (Hollywood)recently upgraded their mastering suite to accommodate 5.1mastering for DVD releases. The upgrade included the installationof a Sonic Solutions Studio HD, db Technology converters, ManleyEQs and compressors, TC Electronics System 6000 and a Genelecmonitor array.

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