NORTHESAT Hip hop's seldom-dressed answer to Cher, Lil' Kim, and producer Fury were in Sound On Sound Recording (NYC) mixing some new material with engineer

NORTHESATHip hop's seldom-dressed answer to Cher, Lil' Kim, and producer Fury were in Sound On Sound Recording (NYC) mixing some new material with engineer Axel Niehaus and assistant Richard Furch. Ed Cherry was tracking a new Justin Time release with producer Jim West, engineer Ian Terry and assistant Stennett Cyril. Def Jam artist Ja Rule mixed a new project with producer Top Dawg, engineer Duro and assistant Bart Migal. Also at Sound On Sound, Leon Redbone and producer Beryl Handler were in mixing some new cuts, with Tom Greto engineering and Migal along to assist... Over at Sear Sound Inc. (NYC), BMG artist David Mead was tracking with producer Adam Schlesinger and engineer John Holbrook. Producer Rob Friedrich worked with Telarc Records artist Freddie Cole on a new album; the effort was also co-produced by Todd Barkan. Vince Gill and producer Randy Scruggs were chipping away at a forthcoming MCA release. Producer Ralph Fall and engineer Eddie Miller were sifting through material for a Doors tribute album set for release on Elektra...On the other side of the tunnel, at Big Blue Meenie Studios (Jersey City, NJ), The Rosenbergs have been tracking and mixing new material inside studio A. Joe Mahoney of The Rosenbergs and Mike Ward engineered the tracking sessions; the effort was produced by Mahoney and Dan Iannuzzelli, who also mixed the project...Out at Philadelphia's own Indre Studios, Budd Ellison, Nathaniel "Crocket" Wilkie and Robert Johnson were working on pre-production for Patti LaBelle's forthcoming release, When a Women Loves, for MCA. The trio also worked on some overdubs for Myrrh Records artist Shiley Caesar.

SOUTHERN CALIFORNIAHe's not just mutton chops and a sunny disposition; Neil Young stopped in after another successful North American tour at Bernie Grundman Mastering in Hollywood. Young was joined by his bandmates Duck Dunn, Jim Keltner, Ben Keith and Spooner Oldham, along with Pegi and Astrid Young, to put the finishing touches on a December release. Keith co-produced the project with Young, and John Hanlon was tapped to engineer...What a girl wants: teen idol/blonde bombshell/multimedia empire Christina Aguilera, producer Ron Fair and studio owner/engineer Michael C. Ross took over Hollywood's Royaltone Studios to work on some of Ms. Aguilera's new material for a forthcoming RCA release...Busy, busy, busy at Cello Studios (Hollywood): SoCal punk/pop outfit Blink 182 and producer Jerry Finn were in Studio 1 mixing; producer Rick Rubin was pulling double duty, tracking with Rage Against the Machine in Studio 3 and P.O.D with Dave Schiffman in Studio 2; The Offspring were mixing some long-awaited new material with Finn in Studio 3; Sir Elton John was holding court in Studio 1, tracking with producer Patrick Leonard and engineer Brian Scheuble; still suffering from Californication, the Red Hot Chili Peppers and engineer Jim Scott were splicing away at a forthcoming DVD release...Still in Hollywood: Producers Rapture and Eric were out at Music Grinders Studios working on the new Aaliyah record with engineer Peter DiRado.

SOUTHEASTGrab the holy water and garlic: Smashing Pumpkins frontman/rock's reining vampire Billy Corgan treated 100 radio contest winners (99X FM) to a private performance inside Tree Sound Studios' (Norcross, GA) studio A. Corgan ran though a wide sampling of the Pumpkins' catalog and even included a cover of "Rock On" by Dave Essex...Ed Roland and Collective Soul were also hanging out, putting the final touches on their latest Atlantic Records release with engineer Robert Hannon...A long time coming: Arrested Development decided they weren't ready to rollover just yet, reuniting a Tree Sound for a six week session that yielded a brand new album. The effort was produced by Speech Thomas and Arrested Development, with Blake Eisman engineering and Mark Rains along to assist...And the guitar-player egos clashed at Seventeen Grand Recording (Nashville); six-string legend Vassar Clements was in Seventeen's Neve room tracking new material along with a few guests: Bela Fleck, Sam Bush and members of the Nitty Gritty Band. Hugh Moore produced, and Jake Niceley and Chris Scherbak were in to engineer. The first lady of country music, Dolly Parton, and longtime engineer Gary Paczosa worked on new track entitled "When Love Is New," which will appear in the upcoming film Song Catcher; Thomas Johnson was in to assist this Steve Buckingham-produced project. Engineers Brad Jones and Robin Eaton (Alex The Great Studio in Nashville) cruised into Seventeen to work with Nicely on a 5.1 mix for Jill Sobule. Jones and Eaton produced the project with Rob Clarke assisting.

SOUTHWESTAt Saltmine Studios (Mesa, AZ), producer Toby Wright (Korn, Alice In Chains, Sevendust) and Soulfly booked out the studio's new digtial mixing and live room to work on the band's new album Primative, which features guest artists Chino Moreno (Deftones), Tom Araya (Slayer) Corey Taylor (Slipknot's #8) Grady Avenell (Will Haven), Phoenix locals Cutthroat Logic and Sean Lennon; Lance Dean, John Gray and Mike Schomig were all brought in to help engineer.

NORTHWESTSomehow finding a vacant piece of real estate among the numerous thriving, dying and dead Bay Area start-ups, the recently opened Studio 880 (Oakland, CA) hosted a lengthy session with local multi-Platinum, punk/pop outfit Green Day. The lads recorded all of their new album, Warning, inside the soon-to-be-famous studio with engineer Ken Allardyce and Pro Tools wiz Tone. For more on the project, read our Recording Notes Section, page 173. Also in at 880, Dreamworks artist The KGB finished up their EP entitled Space Cadet. The effort was produced by David Bianco and Michael Urbano, with Michael Rosen engineering and Ben Conrad on to assist...Up north at Prarie Sun Recording (Cotati, CA), Primus stopped in to work with engineer Toby Wright on a Black Sabbath cover for a soon-to-be released Ozzy Osbourne tribute album. Also at Prarie Sun, Fuse - a new band on Steve Harwell's (Smashmouth) Spunout Records - were in to record a full length album with producer/engineer Bryce Goggin (Lemon Heads, Spacehog).