Sessions & Studio News

NORTHEAST Avatar Studios (NYC) had Alanis Morissette, Norah Jones and Blondie in for tracking Sessions@ AOL. Engineers Greg Thompson and Anthony Ruotolo

New artist Maryanne Marino (Lava Records) was in The Cutting Room (New York City) to finish mixing her first album and worked with engineer Kevin Killen (left), producer Peter Zizzo (in glasses) and assistant Steve Rakidzioski.


Avatar Studios (NYC) had Alanis Morissette, Norah Jones and Blondie in for tracking Sessions@ AOL. Engineers Greg Thompson and Anthony Ruotolo were at the board. Meanwhile, Nathan Lane and the rest of the cast of The Producers were in to record the final episode of this season's Curb Your Enthusiasm…Angel Mountain (Bethlehem, PA) mixed some of the best of Bob Marley's concerts to 5.1 on the release entitled, Burnin' Deluxe, a project done with Universal Music Group and producer Jeff Glixman. Keep an eye out for the re-release on SACD…Sony Music Studios Mastering (NYC) had Grammy-winner Joe Palmaccio and Bruce McDaniel and Perry Gartner (otherwise known as Nine Mens Morris) to put the final touches on their forthcoming release, It's a Wonderful Life…Dubway Studios (NYC) tracked the star-studded Live at at the VH1 set, featuring Dave Matthews, Nelly Furtado, Avril Lavigne and more.


At Cartee Day Studios (Nashville), Willie Nelson was in to sing with country vocalist B.J. Thomas; Chips Moman produced and Steve Crowder engineered. Meanwhile, guitarist/vocalist Joe Nichols was in tracking with producer/songwriting partner Brent Rowan and engineer Gary Paczosa…The Sound Lab (Atlanta) welcomed Sony artist Big Floatie, who was in tracking his debut with producers Pretty Ken, Big Jimmy and Fourth Generation Music. Meanwhile, local Atlanta group Mandorico were in working on a new release of their hip hop/ska 'n' salsa/rock 'n' roll sound. Jan Nerud was in as producer/recorder/mixer, Jonathan Cantrell shared recording duties and Mike Philips assisted.


SugarHill Recording Studios (Houston, TX) played host to several hot sessions this past month, including one for Christian artist Shannon Cutts, who was in tracking Dreams of the Forgotten People, a benefit album for the Costa Rica Humanitarian Foundation; the effort was engineered by John Griffin and produced by MD Thompson. Country singer Deanna Kaye was in recording and mixing a new song that will be part of a General Motors credit card compilation CD, which also features Kenny Chesney, Keith Urban and other well-known country performers.


Supa Crucial Recordings/New Line Records electronica artist The Angel mastered her new album, Covert Movements, at Bernie Grundman Mastering (Hollywood)…In at Scream were Sara Overall, Anna Nalick and Michael Tolcher, all newcomers working with producer/engineer Mark Endert…Granada Studios (El Granada) just mastered the compilation entitled Virtuosos of Voice, which features the talents of Sarah Brightman, Yo-Yo Ma, Bobby McFerrin and Charlotte Church, among others. Guitarist Aliéksey Vianna, winner of the San Francisco International Guitar Competition, was in to record Jobim's classic Corcovado…At House of Blues Studios West (Encino), producer Don Was and engineer Krish Sharma worked with the talented, free-spirited singer Paula Cole and Australian singer Nessa Morgan on their latest. Producer Stuart Levine and engineer Rik Pekkonen were in recording and mixing Dr. John's upcoming New Orleans record.

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