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‘Showtime In Harlem” Brings in XTA Gear

NBC’s late-night variety series Showtime In Harlem recently switched venues from the legendary Apollo Theater in Harlem to the larger space of the Hammerstein

NBC’s late-night variety series Showtime In Harlemrecently switched venues from the legendary Apollo Theater in Harlem tothe larger space of the Hammerstein Ballroom in Midtown. One DreamSound, the New York-based company that provided the program’s P.A.system, brought in a wide array of XTA processing equipment forcomplete audio control in the cavernous 3,000-seat venue.

One Dream Sound provided a large Martin Audio P.A. with 10 mid-highboxes per side on a stage that was set up to re-create theApollo’s. “It is a big P.A., but we specialize in large systemsfor broadcast and live events.” said David Ferdinand, CEO of One DreamSound. “The space is quite large, and the trick in doing music fortelevision is to get the room under control: keep the volume in check,but still get the excitement level up.”

One Dream Sound also brought in a broad array of XTA processingequipment, including six XTA C2 dual/stereo compressors, six G2 gates,a pair of GQ600 dual/stereo 30-band EQs, four each of the DP200 andDP224 speaker-management systems, two DP226 systems and a pair of XTASIDDs. The C2 was used on all vocal microphones, while the G2wasemployed on the entire drum kit. The SIDDs were utilized, inFerdinand’s words, to “act as a ’mastering system’for the overall P.A.

” Ferdinand continued, “One of the key things is not to let the roomget away from you. That takes compression and limiting. But with mostcomp/limiters, you can hear them ‘breathin,’ or even heardistortion when the compression kicks in. That’s never the casewith the XTA C2 compressor. It’s incredibly clean and transparentin its operation and its sound. The client was extremely happy with thesystem’s performance.”

The crew for the show included One Dream Sound’s GregRosenkranz and Thom Wright, and FOH mixer Kevin Hartman of client GoodBrothers Sound.

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