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Shure Bid For Hearing Raises More Than $10,000 For Hearing Conservation

"Better Hearing and Speech Month" in May got off to a great start, thanks to the fundraising and awareness efforts of the Shure Bid for Hearing online

“Better Hearing and Speech Month” in May got off to a great start,thanks to the fundraising and awareness efforts of the Shure Bid forHearing online charity auction, sponsored by audio manufacturer, ShureIncorporated (Evanston, Ill.). Intended to inform the 41 millionAmericans with hearing and speech problems that help is available, thismonth also serves as a time to educate the public about the hazards ofnoise and the importance of hearing protection.

On April 29, Shure’s online charity auction went online to generatefunds and increase awareness about hearing conservation. Music fansduked it out on eBay, bidding for 37 artist-signed mics, audioelectronics and memorabilia. The auction was hosted on eBay, and allproceeds from the auction benefited Los Angeles-based House EarInstitute (HEI).

“We at HEI could not be happier with the cooperative fundraisingeffort in support of our Sound Partners program,” said Jim Boswell, CEOof HEI. “We are proud to have Shure as one of our significant corporatepartners, committed to our efforts to educate audio industryprofessionals on safe sound management and hearing conservation. Wegreatly appreciate Shure’s leadership and support of our program.”

Ending on May 10, and topping the charts, were these top fiveselling items:
Number One: Christina Aguilera Shure U2/Beta87 Wireless MicrophoneTransmitter, $810

Number Two: Ozzy Osbourne Shure U2/Beta 58 Wireless MicrophoneTransmitter, $615

Number Three: Phil Anselmo (Pantera) Shure Beta 58A Wired VocalMicrophone, $511

Number Four: Nelly Furtado Shure U2/Beta 58 Wireless MicrophoneTransmitter, $460

Number Five: Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden) Shure U2/Beta 87 WirelessMicrophone Transmitter, $456.29

The Shure Bid for Hearing auction grossed over $10,000. For acomplete listing of artists who donated items, please visit

For more information, visit HEI at