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Shure Suffers Tragic Loss


Michael Dahlquist

Photo Courtesy Shure

On July 14, 2005, three Shure employees were killed while driving during a lunch break in a Chicago suburb. According to Chicago authorities, a woman rammed her 2000 Ford Mustang into a car, killing Michael Dahlquist, 39, John Glick, 35, and Douglas Meis, 29.

Douglas Meis

Photo Courtesy Shure

“This is a terrible loss for all of us,” said Sandy LaMantia, president and CEO of Shure. “These young men were all very special people who touched so many lives. This has had a profound impact on many of us here at Shure and to many thousands of people who were fans of their music. Michael, John and Doug were not just co-workers, they were friends, and we will miss them.”

John Glick

Photo Courtesy Shure

A private memorial service was held for all Shure associates at the company’s corporate headquarters.