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Sick Puppies Dressed Up As Life Cool Spin

Sick Puppies’ story is much the same as any “rocketed-to-fame” indie fave: increasing radio play in their native Australia, winning a radio station’s competition, releasing an EP (which would become a local fave), small touring gigs and—in an ever-increasing way to get your name out there—clips on YouTube. Now, with their first album under their belt, Sick Puppies (Shimon Moore, vocals/lead guitar; Emma Anzai, bass; and Mark Goodwin, drums) are on their way to rawk super-stardom. Full of cutting guitar riffs and “insert favorite alt-metal band here” vocals, Dressed Up As Life slams through your speakers with such force that it’s hard to not give the two-fingered metal salute from song to song. I wish there was a bit more emphasis on the drums—they seem to take too much of a backseat role—but, fortunately, there is enough low end in Moore’s vocals to more than compensate. Here’s to hoping that Sick Puppies doesn’t fade out of favor like so many other newbie rock bands.

LISTEN: Must Play
The Bottom

Producer: Antonina Armato, Tim James. Mixing: James, Paul Palmer. Engineer: Nigel Lundemo, Dorian Crozier and Ross Hogarth (drums). Assistant: Steve Hammons. Studios: Rock Mafia (Santa Monica, Calif.), Vibatorium (Woodland Hills, Calif.). Mastering: Robert Vosgien at Capitol Mastering (Hollywood).
—Sarah Benzuly