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Singer, Songwriter Regan On Tour With Almost Home

Rising star Jon Regen put his trust in Neumann microphones on his new seven-song EP Almost Home and it paid off with a very special recording.

Rising star Jon Regen put his trust in Neumann microphones on hisnew seven-song EP Almost Home and it paid off with a veryspecial recording.

For the EP, Regen, who most recently toured and recorded withlegendary vocalist Jimmy Scott, assembled a new band featuring electricbass phenom Jonathan Sanborn (son of legendary saxophonist DavidSanborn) and dynamic drummer Eric Addeo. The trio is fast establishingitself as a powerful new voice in modern music.

Almost Home features music and lyrics penned by Regen. In thetradition of singer/songwriters like Randy Newman and Billy Joel, therecording finds Regen singing, playing piano and Hammond organ, andassuming production duties as well. As on his previous, criticallyacclaimed release Tel Aviv the new recording showcases theunique strengths of Neumann microphones.

“The initial demos for the new record were recorded in astripped-down way, with just me, my Neumann KMS 105 and my SteinwayGrand,” Regen says. “I cut the songs live into my home Pro-Tools rig,attempting to capture the essence of the songs. Later, after I formedthe new band with Jonathan and Eric, I tried to find a balance betweenthe sparseness of the demos, and the fully-realized, arranged soundthat the band could bring to the music.”

For the Almost Home sessions, Regen chose industry veteranand friend Daoud Shaw at Radio Active Productions in Philadelphia.”Daoud is one of the few engineers out there who not only has musicalears, but can also respond with lightning precision to any givensituation,” Regen says. “He brings a tremendous sense of history andhonesty to the control room. The result is a sonic environment thatpacks a modern punch, but at the same time captures the magical qualityof records from the past. His recordings have both detail and warmth–ararity in today’s times.”

Regen relies on Neumann microphones both in the studio and on tour.”We cut the vocals on Almost Home on a vintage Neumann M269 tubemicrophone,” Regen notes. “It has a presence and immediacy that matchedthe story I wanted to tell on this project. On the road, I continue touse and be amazed by the KMS 105. It has a clarity and detail that isunmatched. After spending years singing through whatever microphone avenue would supply, having a KMS 105 with me has elevated my live showsto an entirely new level. Every syllable comes through in the mix. As asinger, that kind of freedom and support is irreplaceable.”

Regen will soon launch a world tour in support of Almost Homewith initial dates planned for New York and London. “Wherever we go,you can bet that the KMS 105 will be close at hand,” Regen says. “It’slike another member of the band, working hard every night to make eachshow a success.”