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Sonalysts Upgrades With Genelec Monitoring

Sonalysts Inc., a New England-based audio and video post-production facility, has installed a new state-of-the-art 5.1 surround monitoring system

Sonalysts Inc., a New England-based audio and video post-productionfacility, has installed a new state-of-the-art 5.1 surround monitoringsystem in its Studio A. The setup comprises five Genelec 1031Abi-amplified monitors and a Genelec 7070A active subwoofer. The system,purchased from Parsons Audio of Boston, was installed this summer andimmediately put to work on a wide variety of projects, includingtelevision broadcast commercials, special interest video andmultichannel music remixes.

The installation was part of a significant upgrade of Studio A,which also included a transition of all technology platforms to digitaland upgraded acoustical treatments. “We redid Studio A fromscratch, and the Genelec monitors were key to upgrading the performanceof the room,” said Curt Ramm, director of audio post-productionat Sonalysts. “They’re perfect for the size of the room andsound great. I like them as much as the Genelec 1031A speakersI’ve used for near-field monitoring for years, which are alsopart of the studios speaker array. The 1031As are exceptionallyflexible. Since they’ve been installed, we’ve used them on5.1 music remixes, on commercials for companies like A.J. Wright andBlue Cross/Blue Shield, on special-interest music and video projectsfor the Mohegan Sun Casino, and on multiple corporate videos. We lovethe way they sound and how well they work across a wide spectrum ofproject types.”

Sonalysts consulted with Parsons Audio in the selection of its new5.1 monitoring system. “They came to us and had a lot ofquestions about what the best components for a 5.1 monitoring systemwould be for their needs,” said Les Arnold, Parsons Audio’s salesexecutive. “We didn’t hesitate to suggest the Genelec 1031Amonitoring system, and we sent one to the facility for them to checkout. It was exactly what they were looking for: self-powered, reliableand accurate.”

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