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SongCraft Presents with Metric Halo

SongCraft Presents composes and records a song in just three hours.

Safety Harbor, Florida (July 29, 2015)—SongCraft Presents works with established singer-songwriters to compose and record a song—via Metric Halo interfaces—in just three hours.

SongCraft Presents partners Ben Arthur, Mike Crehore (shown below), Al Houghton, Matthew Hendershot and Rob Reinhart work with a given artist on the recordings, which find outlets on the internet and on radio. Acoustic Café, a weekly two-hour radio program hosted by Reinhart, reaches nearly three million listeners on over 90 stations around the country and on Voice of America.

Although sometimes recorded at Houghton’s Dubway Studios in New York City, most SongCraft Presents sessions take place on location, using front porches or living rooms as makeshift studios. For those sessions, co-producers and engineers Crehore and Houghton rely on Metric Halo ULN-8 and ULN-2 interfaces, which handle all of the microphone pre-amplification, conversion and front-end processing for the sessions.

Several years ago, Crehore and Arthur were both in need of a good interface for their home studios. Since they were starting SongCraft Presents around the same time, the pair each purchased a Metric Halo ULN-2. Thus, each partner would have two preamps and converters for their home use that could be combined—using Metric Halo’s free MIO Console software control—to give them four preamps and converters for SongCraft Presents sessions.

“I’ve been in this business long enough to remember when analog tape was the only option available,” Crehore said. “Over the years, I’ve heard the advance of digital technology and have worked with all of the latest-generation converters and preamps from all the well-known manufacturers. Things have gotten a lot better, and most of the options out there these days qualify as ‘good.’ But in my opinion, Metric Halo’s sound is at the top of the heap.”

Crehore has since bought Metric Halo’s flagship ULN-8, which incorporates eight channels of the company’s latest-generation preamp, conversion and DSP technology.

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