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Sonic Timeworks Updates Sharc Plug-In

Sonic Timeworks announced Version 3.2 of its Sharc One--Timeworks recording channel plug-in for Creamware's Scope Fusion Platform.The Sharc One is available

Sonic Timeworks announced Version 3.2 of its Sharc One–Timeworks recording channel plug-in for Creamware’s Scope Fusion Platform.The Sharc One is available in both stereo and mono versions.

With high-end Timeworks DSP algorithms, users can experience super-transparent compression, desirable “breathing and pumping,” and the sound-sculpting possibilities of the 64-bit Perfect Analog Simulation VintagEQ that is unique to the platform. The compressor is based on the CompressorX algorithm, with selectable hard/soft-knee compression curves, and both RMS and peak-level detection circuit. There’s also a new analog-style VU meter with peak/overload-detection LED, switchable to display gain reduction or input/output levels. The 4-band equalizer is based on the VintagEQ analog algorithm.Also included are high/low-shelving, two parametric mids and 15 dBs of cut and boost. The limiter allows you to increase the perceived level of the signal without causing digital distortion by using a softclip algorithm.

The entire line of Timeworks plug-ins for Creamware Scope Fusion Platform are available at as a free maintenance update. Prices: Sharc One, $249; 4080L ProReverb, $249; VintagEQ, CompressorX, Mastering Compressors, $149/each; Studio Bundle 3.2 Gold, $549 (all plugs); Studio Bundle 3.2 LE, $349 (Sharc One and 4080L ProReverb); and Studio Bundle 3.2 Gold upgrade (includes Sharc One), $99.00 (special offer for existing customers until end of 2002. Normal price: $149).