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SOS Management Upgrades with Pro Tools Addition

New York City-based SOS Management, a division of Sound On Sound Recording Inc., has just purchased Digidesign's Pro Tools|HD High-Definition Audio Production

New York City-based SOS Management, a division of Sound On SoundRecording Inc., has just purchased Digidesign’s Pro Tools|HDHigh-Definition Audio Production Workstation for editing and recording.The portable system will be accessible to all four of Sound On Sound’srecording studios, as well as be available on a rental basis throughSOS Management. The system has the capacity and power to completelarge projects quickly, efficiently and with unprecedented sonicfidelity. It is operated by Britt Meyer, whose credits include MelissaEtheridge, Aimee Mann and the late John Phillips, as well as on TheLate Show with David Letterman.

Incorporating a new, advanced hardware architecture, Pro Tools|HDfeatures more DSP power than before, support for increased sample rates(up to 192 kHz), high-resolution audio interfaces and peripheraloptions, higher track count and I/O capacity, expanded routingflexibility, and much more.

SOS Management’s Pro Tools|HD is configured with five processingcards, 48 inputs and 72 outputs. Although few users are likely to tapthe system’s HD capabilities right now, its increased processing poweris an immediate advantage. “People aren’t recording at 96- or 192kHzsample rates yet, but Pro Tool|HD’s revamped analog-to-digital anddigital-to-analog converters produce superior sound than the originalPro Tools at 44.1 or 48 kHz,” noted COO Christopher Bubacz.

SOS Management’s system also features a ProControl surface with an8-fader interface. Fader and send levels, pan position, scrub/shuttle,transport control, edit tools/modes, plug-in access and editing are allavailable from the ProControl surface. Control room and studiomonitoring of stereo or surround sound Pro Tools mixes are alsoaccessible from ProControl.

Customers who rent the Pro Tools|HD system through SOS Managementcan also obtain Brit Meyer’s skills. “Although equipment rentalcompanies have kept current by having Pro Tools|HD in theirinventories, they don’t supply any talent with their systems,” Bubaczsaid. “We take the unique approach of offering both the system and thetalent. Britt is an experienced Pro Tools operator with top-notchcredits who can edit, record and troubleshoot the system.”

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