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Sound Lounge Adds To Mixing Staff

Sound Lounge (New York City), a provider of audio post-production services to the advertising industry, has expanded its creative and technical resources

Sound Lounge (New York City), a provider of audio post-productionservices to the advertising industry, has expanded its creative andtechnical resources with the promotion of Rob DiFondi, a staffassistant for the past two years, to mixer, and completing constructionof an all-new, custom-designed digital audio mixing suite, thecompany’s fifth, for mixer Philip Loeb.

The two moves come as Sound Lounge has just completed a number ofhigh-profile projects, including campaigns for AT&T “mlife”, MillerLite and New Balance. Sound Lounge has also mixed seven spots thatdebuted on this year’s Super Bowl broadcast. (The studio has a longtrack record of mixing Super Bowl spots, including having mixed fourspots in 10 years voted “Best Liked” among Super Bowl ads.)

Loeb has inaugurated his new room with two prestigious assignments.They include a package of Mercedes Benz spots and the latestinstallment in Lipton Brisk’s campaign featuring stop-motion celebritycharacters. Loeb previously mixed the Lipton Brisk spot with DannyDeVito that debuted on this year’s Super Bowl.

DiFondi’s promotion is in keeping with Sound Lounge’s philosophy ofdeveloping new talent from within, according to Sound Lounge co-founderand mixer Tom Jucarone. “We believe in developing our own talent sothat they learn our approach to mixing and working with clients,” hesaid. “It has been very successful for us. It has also helped us toattract a highly motivated group of assistants who are here for thesole purpose of becoming mixers.”

Jucarone added clients now have begun to request DiFondi. “Rob hasworked very hard and developed much faster than we had expected. He hasearned this opportunity, and we are confident that he will make themost of it.”

DiFondi began his career with Sound Lounge in 1999, immediatelyearning a degree in sound recording from the State University of NewYork College at Fredonia. “I knew I wanted to work in audio post fortelevision, but I didn’t know I’d end up in such a great place,” herecalled. “After one month, I concluded that I’d be totally happy doingthis for the rest of my life.”

Sound Lounge’s new mixing studio is also in keeping with long-heldtradition. Its technical, acoustical, interior design and aestheticfeatures were designed by Loeb in concert with Jucarone and SoundLounge chief engineer John DeMaio. The studio’s central technicalfeature is a Pro Tools|24 MIXplus system and Digidesign’s ProControlhardware control surface. The studio is linked to other Sound Loungerooms via a local network, which also hosts an online sound effectslibrary. “My new system has enough processing power and I/O to meet thedemands of commercial mixing,” Loeb said. “It allows me immediateaccess to the tools that I need to get the job done right.”

The layout, designed to match Loeb’s mixing style, places him in thecenter of the room. “This design keeps me in close proximity to myclients,” he explained. “Advertising is a collaborative art, and I wantmy clients to be a part of the process. It should be easy to talk andexchange ideas.”

Other features of the room include hand-laid hardwood floors,remote-control lighting and window treatments, and custom-madefurniture by industry leader Forecast Consoles of Deer Park, N.Y.

Sound Lounge is located at 149 5th Ave., New York, N.Y. 10010. Formore information, visit