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Sound on Sound Opens Studio D

New York City-based Sound on Sound Recording has expanded with Studio D, a pre-production/overdub suite with a Digidesign Pro Tools|HD3 system at its

New York City-based Sound on Sound Recording has expanded withStudio D, a pre-production/overdub suite with a Digidesign ProTools|HD3 system at its core, designed by Larry Swist of Lawrence P.Swist Designs.

“What sets this room apart from all of the other Pro Tools rooms isthat it is built with the same standards as our two SSL rooms and theSony Oxford studio,” commented Sound on Sound president Dave Amlen.”Clients working in D will also enjoy the same high-end services thatwe provide to all clients working at Sound on Sound.”

Studio D was carved from raw space on the fourth floor at itsmidtown location and constructed out of an acoustic shell for maximumisolation. The studio was installed at Sound on Sound complete withfabric and hard-wood interior treatments and lighting. “We’ve been ableto build a room that looks good and sounds good, and offers clientsmore bang for their buck,” said Sound on Sound COO Christopher Bubacz.”Studio D is a cost-effective solution for many markets: record labelsdoing pre-pro, overdubs and demos; independent musicians looking totrack, overdub and mix in one facility; and TV program and commercialproducers doing all of their audio post and mixing in Pro Tools.”

Studio D is equipped with a Pro Tools|HD3 featuring Pro Controlsurface with 24 faders and Editpack. The studio also features 5.1mixing capabilities in Pro Tools with custom-designed monitoring fromLawrence P. Swist Designs, which uses TAD components and translate wellwith the George Augsperger-designed monitors in the studio’s otherrooms. It also offers a full complement of MIDI gear; additionalspecialty items are available on a rental basis. Studio D is alsovideo-friendly with video decks in several formats, video capture forhard disk recording and a 42-inch plasma screen.For more, visit thestudio’s Website at