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Soundcraft Intros Integrated Mixer/Amplifier

GigRac, Soundcraft's new integrated mixer/amplifier, allows performers and small bands to easily setup a P.A.

GigRac, Soundcraft’s new integrated mixer/amplifier, allowsperformers and small bands to easily setup a P.A. by just addingspeakers and cables. The product provides high-quality mic preamps, a2-band EQ on each channel, a 7-band master graphic EQ designed by BSSAudio and a selection of preset digital effects.

Two models currently comprise the new line: the GigRac 300 and 600.The former’s integrated 300-watt power amp can drive a pair of mainspeakers, while the latter’s dual-300W amplifiers can power both a setof mains and stage monitors. Both models feature eight input channels,with channels 5 through 8 being for either mono or stereo sources.

The lid of GigRac’s road-ready case is designed to stow microphonesand cables so that everything is easily transportable and kept safe.For fixed installations, GigRac can be removed from its case as asingle unit and rack-mounted, taking up just 4U of rack space.

For more information on the GigRac 300 and 600, visit Soundcraft’sdedicated Website for the line at For more sound reinforcementproduct news, visit