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SOUNDELUX IFET7December 2002—The dual-identity Soundelux ifet7 (dist. by Transamerica Audio Group, is a phantom-powered FET condenser

February 2007—Literally two mics in one, the U99S from Soundelux (dist. by TransAudio Group,; $3,250) is a new version of the U99 that combines the performance of two condenser mics, giving users the choice of normal or bright sonic signatures. Promising to avoid the 5kHz rise common in some vintage mics, the U99S offers high output and a tamed-down proximity effect. The U99S comes with the P99 true linear power supply, derived from the original vintage technology. Other features include a handmade, German 1-inch diameter, dual-symmetrical backplate and a dual-membrane kk67-type capsule tensioned for warmth and clarity.

December 2005—Re-creating the classic U47 mic, Soundelux introduced the E47C ($4,250 list). Targeted for vocal use, the E47C offers the signature proximity effect that is characterized by 12 dB of boost at 100 Hz at a distance of 1 inch. The mic features a NOS Telefunken Large Plate EF814k tube, P99E power supply, custom 20-foot Soundelux cable and 47 suspension clamp — type shockmount with wood box. TO READ THE REVIEW, CLICK HERE

October 2005—Soundelux restores the sound and performance of the ’60s era German tube 67 in the all-new E67. For less than you would pay for a vintage original—with replacement parts and readily available new-old-stock tubes—the E67 embodies all of the most important characteristics of the original, while offering consistency, reliability and long-term serviceability that’s a requirement for today. With the addition of a “normal/bright” switch, the E67 adds even more flexibility needed by today’s recordists.

October 2005—The E251C is a more affordable, cardioid-only version of the renowned Elux251, using the same capsule as the Elux. By using a lower-cost body assembly, removing the pattern selection switch and providing an imported shockmount, we pass significant savings on, enabling more people to have a top-of-the-line, world-class vocal mic. Maintaining all the clarity and tone of the original, the E251C is an ideal mic for vocals and many other applications.

November 2004—Revolutionary in design, the EL308 is the world’s first commercial version of a Golden Ellipsoid Capsule, which makes significant strides over conventional round condenser mic capsules in its ability to reduce in-band resonance and extend bandwidth in both directions.

JULY 2004—Said to be a “more mellow” version of its ELUX 251, the Soundelux E250 (dist. by TransAmerica Audio Group, is optimized for close-in vocal recording. The cardioid-only mic is derived from the 251 except for a specially designed 1-inch diameter, 6-micron-thick gold-vapor deposited diaphragm and a different output tube and transformer. The E250 has a 20 to 18k Hz response, with a self-noise of only 9 dBA. The $3,000 mic comes in a wooden box and includes a power supply and custom shock-mount.

December 2002—The dual-identity Soundelux ifet7 (dist. by
Transamerica Audio Group, is a phantom-powered FET
condenser mic that combines a quality German-made capsule with two sets
of completely different-sounding internal electronics. True to vintage
mic tradition, the ifet7 is fully transformer-coupled but offers
several improvements such as a large core transformer that dramatically
improves LF headroom. A Vocal/Instrument switch selects either “I
mode,” which incorporates the standard features of the vintage
47fet, or “V mode,” which captures the vintage 87fet’s
sound and features. Both modes offer clear high- and low-frequency
performance. Price is $2,100 with wood storage box; shockmount is

March 2002—Soundelux Microphones has introduced the E47 tube
condenser microphone. The variable-pattern E47 is designed to emulate
vintage Neumann and Telefunken tube condensers, but with a lower noise
floor, better top end, improved reliability, lower maintenance and a
three-year warranty. TO READ THE REVIEW, CLICK HERE


January 2002—At the fall 2001 AES, Soundelux unveiled the E47, a
large-diaphragm, multipattern tube mic that’s modeled to sound like the
classic Neumann U47 (retailing at half of the average price of a
“vintage” U47). Given Soundelux’s success with its
Telefunken ELAM 251-inspired ELUX 251, the new E47 will be a hot

October 2000—Modeled after the famous Telefunken 251, the
Soundelux ELUX 251 tube mic will offer the same performance as vintage
models, but at a significantly lower cost. The ELUX 251’s “no
compromise” construction is hand-crafted, and all components are
hard-wired. This meticulous attention to detail has created an
exceptional one-of-a-kind microphone that requires no equalization to
record perfect vocals, drums and ensemble settings. Set includes full
linear power supply, shockmount and road case. TO READ THE REVIEW, CLICK HERE.