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Soundelux Enlists Visioneering for New London Facilities

Soundelux (an Ascent Media Company) recently contracted Visioneering Design to integrate five portable Pro Tools editorial systems

Soundelux (an Ascent Media Company) recently contracted VisioneeringDesign to integrate five portable Pro Tools editorial systems and aloading station for digitizing picture and loading audio elements inits new Soundelux London editorial facilities.

Pictured from left Ron Lagerlof, Visioneering Design president; DougMountain, Todd-AO Studios engineer; Bill Johnston, Ascent Media seniorVP engineering

“It was a very fast turnaround for this project,” commented BillJohnston, Ascent senior VP engineering. “We had to be ready for showsin London rather quickly, so we did a joint venture with Ron Lagerlofof Visioneering. Ron and his crew did the prewiring and integration andour team completed the assembly. That was the only way it could havebeen finished in the timeframe we had.

“We started putting the systems together here early in the month,shipped them over and finished our new Soundelux facilities in Londonby the end of the month,” Johnston continued. “The first show we’reworking on is Wolfgang Peterson’s Troy. The new company is staffedcompletely by British citizens because it is not about our companysending over editors from Los Angeles. It’s about creating a Britishcompany.”

Doug Mountain, Todd-AO Studios engineer, explained, “We shipped oversix total editorial systems and one digital assist system, all ProTools. All the systems are completely portable, so they can roll fromroom to room or to a stage. Four of the systems are based on Control 24as a controller and as a monitoring environment. We are using JBL LSR28s for monitoring systems and a JBL LSR-12 subwoofer. Each of thesystems has a Mackie 1604 as a monitoring device for full 5.1 in theeditorial rooms.”

The portable rackmounted systems each contain Emagic Unitor 8,BGW-100 stereo power amp for monitoring, USD Sync, two 8824 I/O for ProTools, a Furman power conditioner, patchbays, four 120-gigabyteStorcase hard drives in a FireWire loop, Mackie 1604 for monitoring,Storcase wide and narrow removable drives, a Macintosh G4 and SBSTechnologies expansion chassis.