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Soundminer Releases Version 3.1 With ReWire

Soundminer announced that the upcoming release of 3.1 will contain support for Propellerhead’s multichannel ReWire

Soundminer announced that the upcoming release of 3.1 will containsupport for Propellerhead’s multichannel ReWire for use insideDigidesign Pro Tools and Steinberg Nuendo (shown) environments. ReWireallows the user to transfer audio data between software applications inreal time. Users will now be able to stream up to eight channels ofaudio from Soundminer through their hardware while their DAWapplication is running.

At the heart of this version is the new Soundminer ReWire Engine.Based on Soundminer 3.0’s original playback engine, the newengine will allow for on-the-fly bit depth and sampling rate conversionof up to eight discreet 24-bit/192kHz audio streams.

Regardless of users’ Pro Tools session or Nuendo setup, sounds canbe auditioned with their surround placement intact. Moreover, the usershave access to both the VSTRack in the Soundminer Browser, as well asVST plug-ins in Nuendo and RTAS and TDM plug-ins inside Pro Tools. Thisnew feature will let users audition new sounds from Soundminer againstthe existing DAW audio and video tracks with sample-accurate sync.Users will also be able to audition more traditional mono or stereosounds panned “in place” using the DAW’s built-in surroundarchitecture.

More details to come. There will be an upgrade cost for existingusers.

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