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Soundmirror Renovates with Sommer Cable

Classical music recording and production house continues updating.

Boston, MA (April 17, 2018)— Soundmirror Recording founder John Newton has renovated his recording studios in Boston with Sommer Cable’s 4-conductor Elephant cable, also ordering 100 meters of Sommer’s Monolith cable for his location recording work.

“We use Sommer’s large-size Elephant speaker cable in the studios that we are renovating,” explains Newton, who launched the classical music recording and production company in 1972.

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“We have three listening rooms and we go through a program on a regular basis to electrically and acoustically upgrade these studios every eight or 10 years. We’ve noticed that as the equipment gets better, our acoustic listening conditions also have to get better. And so we are using Sommer speaker cable permanently installed in our listening rooms.”

He continues, “Sommer uses the highest quality copper wire and its reliability has never been questioned…. The first time we got it, it worked perfectly, so for the next studio renovation, we simply bought more of it. And we will have another order coming up this year because we’re renovating another one of our listening rooms over the summer.

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“What we discovered we needed in our field recording work was a cable that combined 100 volt power and a microphone cable, to send communications to our tower talk back speakers, which is an integral component of our location recording work. Sommer had a couple of choices of these kinds of cables, so we picked the one that fit our needs. We have bought more than 100 meters of that cable so far and it’s working perfectly. We do all the termination of our cables ourselves and Sommer’s Monolith is exactly what we needed.”

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