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Soundmirror Uses Genex Hard Disk System for SACD Releases

Genex Audio recently supplied a GX9048 48-track Multiformat Digital System to Soundmirror

Genex Audio recently supplied a GX9048 48-track Multiformat DigitalSystem to Soundmirror, a fully digital recording and post-productioncompany that specializes in acoustic music and sound-for-picture.Soundmirror owner/producer John Newton has been busy during the pastseveral months using the GX9048 to record a series of Klezmer Music(Jewish music from the Warsaw Ghetto) and two orchestral works by JohnCorigliano, Second Symphony and The RedViolin.

Pictured: room layout (left) and control room setup duringrecordings of works by Corigliano in La Prairie, Montréal.

All recordings were made in Direct Stream Digital format and editedon Soundmirror’s Merging Technologies Pyramix Digital AudioWorkstation entirely within the DSD domain. The resultant material isdestined for stereo and multichannel Super Audio Compact Disc (SACD)release. “I have been using Genex recorders since the GX8000 andGX8500 [MO-based systems],” Newton said. “Although for opera andjazz, I normally record 24 or 32 tracks, the 48-channel format willgive me room to grow.

“Normally, I use a Studer Model 961 or 922 analog mixer andMillennia Media Model HU3D preamplifiers,” Newton continued.“For the Klezmer recordings, I used 16 microphones routed to 16tracks of Genex DSD, while for the Corigliano sessions, I used justeight channels, including one for the solo violin.” The resultanttapes were edited in the UK on a SADiE DSD-format Digital AudioWorkstation.

For more information about Soundmirror, call Newton at 617/522-1412or e-mail him at [email protected]. For moreinformation about Genex Audio, visit