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Soundtracs Launches Digital Post, Broadcast Console

At NAB 2003, Soundtracs launched a new console for the broadcast, post-production and music-production marketplaces: the modular, expandable, digital

At NAB 2003, Soundtracs launched a new console for the broadcast,post-production and music-production marketplaces: the modular,expandable, digital DS-00.

The main mixing console of the DS-00 provides a 17-fader surfacewith 64 fully featured channels and 40 buses. It has two large,full-color, backlift TFT touchscreens, with eight user-defined macrosthat are instantly programmable with single or multiple functions. TheDS-00 is capable of handling stereo, LCRS, 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound,and the 40×8 matrix has two calibrated levels and insert points forDolby insertion. Also standard are eight line/mic inputs, 16 lineoutputs, 24 AES/EBU I/O with SRC per XLR and eight optical I/O. Asecond MADI port is provided for DigiTracs connection or third-partyeditor connection.

The optional EX-00 is an 8-fader unit with a single digitaltouchscreen, allowing the user to expand the work surface to up to 49faders. Up to four EX-00s can be added.

Final additions include the FP-00, a specially developed film panelfor large-format film mixing, and the HD-00 19-inch rack section.

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