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SoundWeb Networks Federation Square, Meyer Powers It

Newly opened Federation Square (Melbourne, Australia), a city block-sized arts and entertainment complex center, received its audio infrastructure from contracting firm Rutledge Engineering, who selected BSS Soundweb as the DSP networking device for several of the project areas.

Newly opened Federation Square (Melbourne, Australia), a cityblock-sized arts and entertainment complex center, received its audioinfrastructure from contracting firm Rutledge Engineering, who selectedBSS Soundweb as the DSP networking device for several of the projectareas.

Pictured: BMW Edge auditorium’s audio is driven by a Soundweb9088. Photo by: Ian McKenzie.

Rutledge senior project manager Matt Edgcumbe said that Soundweb waspreferred because of the ease with which it connects remote locationstogether.

A multimedia fiber and CAT6 backbone provide the connectivity for aBSS 9088iiMM and two 9088iiLL devices. The sound systems in the plazaand architecturally challenging BMW Edge auditorium are fed with audiofrom the scheduled multimedia system, which is then mixed with thelocal P.A. desk. Because the mixing desks are only temporarily set upfor events, Soundweb also provided for the client to connect severalmicrophones to use the system in an automated mode when an operator isnot present.

The square’s main cluster is made up of three Meyer Sound M2Dcompact curvilinear array loudspeakers and an M2D-Sub compactsubwoofer. “The cluster is as close as practicable to the Barco,”Edgcumbe said. “The cabinets are not necessarily set up as a linearray, because the required vertical angle of dispersion is quitesmall. There is nowhere forward of the stage to fly the cluster from,so one of the main requirements was to project sound over the top ofthe stage without causing feedback.” Sound from the mains iscomplemented by six UPM-1P ultracompact, wide-coverage loudspeakersinstalled within two galvanized poles. “These speakers,” Edgcumbecontinued, “are primarily intended to provide ambient sound in theplaza using the audio tracks of the video or multimedia materialshowing on the LED screen.” The installed system in the square can besupplemented by portable Meyer Sound loudspeaker elements on anas-needed basis. “Two UPA-2P compact narrow-coverage loudspeakers canbe used on stands for fill close to the stage, and there are also twoUPM-1Ps for foldback.”

The same pieces can also be used in Federation Square’s other venue,the BMW Edge, an indoor amphitheater seating from 290 to 450. Agalleria-like structure made of glass, steel and zinc, BMW Edge isdesigned for music, small- to medium-scale theater and cabaret, comedy,talks and presentations.

Also within the Federation Square complex, Rutledge Engineeringinstalled an additional three 9088iiLL Soundwebs in the ACMI multiplexcinema to matrix and EQ the many audio formats to the JBL conventionaland large-format surround systems. To ensure certification of the twocinemas, the Soundweb setup was tested and passed for THXspecifications.

All BSS processing equipment was supplied by Jands, BSS Audio’sexclusive Australian distributor.

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