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Spectrasonics S.A.G.E. Technology

Spectrasonics’ new software technology S.A.G.E., or "Spectrasonics Advanced Groove Engine," allows extensive real-time control, creation and manipulation

Spectrasonics’ new software technology S.A.G.E., or “Spectrasonics Advanced Groove Engine,” allows extensive real-time control, creation and manipulation of grooves while retaining state-of-the-art sound quality. S.A.G.E. technology will be used in many new products from Spectrasonics in the future, starting with the new Stylus RMX virtual instrument.

In the past, Spectrasonics has licensed its core technology to create virtual instrument products. Now with S.A.G.E., new products are being created from the ground up that support the company’s long-term vision of the highest-quality sounds and the most musically intuitive user experience.

S.A.G.E. expands on what Spectrasonics has done before with its Groove Control system of sound development, which enables powerful, independent control over tempo, pitch, feel and pattern. S.A.G.E. technology allows the full potential of Groove Control to be realized, in real time, with dozens of unique features like Chaos Designer, which allows loops to infinitely improvise and remix themselves in musical ways.

All S.A.G.E.-powered virtual instruments have truly unlimited expansion potential. Every S.A.G.E.-powered instrument will be fully compatible with all Groove Control sample libraries, offering an easy way to vastly expand the instrument with new sounds and grooves. S.A.G.E.-powered instruments are also fully compatible with Propellerhead’s REX1 and REX2 files.

According to Spectrasonics founder and creative director, Eric Persing, “For years, we have dreamed of the possibilities that an in-house software development team could offer in order to fully realize our ideas, and now we have it. S.A.G.E. is our first technological innovation, and it’s the foundation that we can build on for many different instruments we are planning for the future. Musically, I’m extremely excited about what S.A.G.E.–powered products will open up for our users. This technology offers a completely new level of freedom to create in real time with an unprecedented level of flexibility. S.A.G.E. does all the hard work of synchronization and complex organization behind the scenes, allowing the user to focus on the creative part of exploring the endless new musical possibilities.”

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