Spectrasonics Stylus RMX

pectrasonics’ StylusRMX Real-Time Groove Module is a brand-new virtual instrument to be released later this year

Spectrasonics’ StylusRMX Real-Time Groove Module is abrand-new virtual instrument to be released later this year, whichexpands on the company’s Stylus virtual instrument. The StylusRMX plug-in is being developed by Spectrasonics’ new in-housesoftware development team, and is the first product to use thecompany’s new S.A.G.E. (Spectrasonics Advanced Groove Engine)technology. Stylus RMX will have dozens of innovative new features, acompletely redesigned interface, a new core library and a strong focuson real-time manipulation.

The new core library will offers thousands of cutting-edge groovesand sounds that were created by Spectrasonics’ internationalsound design team and produced by the company’s founder andcreative director, Eric Persing. The Stylus RMX core library willcontain more than double the amount of sounds originally offered inStylus, as well as all original material.

Other features include real-time auto sync to the beat and hostsequencer tempo, synchable LFOs and envelopes, 16-part multitimbral,separate outputs, comprehensive FX racks, drag-and-drop MIDI files intohost sequencer and Chaos Designer.

Also new in Stylus RMX are hundreds of kits and user kitconstruction. Users can create their own customized groove libraries,save them into the plug-in and share them with other Stylus RMX userson different platforms and hosts. Stylus RMX will operate as a nativeplug-in instrument in hosts including Logic, Digital Performer, Cubase,Nuendo, Pro Tools, Sonar and many others. Stylus RMX will ship onDVD-ROM format, offering simplified installation. Stylus RMX will becompatible with Apple OS X and Microsoft Windows platforms. Plug-informats supported will include AudioUnits for Mac OS X, Steinberg VSTand Digidesign RTAS for both Macintosh and Windows.

The release date for Stylus RMX is set for September 2004. The U.S.suggested retail price will be $299. Current registered Stylus userswill be able to upgrade to Stylus RMX for $99. New Stylus users whoregistered Stylus for the first time after January 1, 2004, areautomatically eligible for a free upgrade to Stylus RMX. All registeredStylus users will be notified directly via e-mail when the upgrade isavailable in September.

For more information, visit www.spectrasonics.net/stylusRMXteaser/index.html.For more new product announcements, visit mixonline.com/products_new_products/index.htm.