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SRF Migrates with NOA

Vienna, Austria (September 20, 2010)--SRF has added NOA's MediaLector workstation and other equipment for migrating and managing audio archives.

Vienna, Austria (September 20, 2010)–SRF has added NOA’s MediaLector workstation and other equipment for migrating and managing audio archives.

SRF, which provides technical services to Swedish public broadcaster Sveriges Radio AB (SR), has added a second NOA MediaLector workstation as well as 14 Sony R500 DAT recorders upgraded with NOA adaptation kits to its installation of NOA equipment. The 8-channel stereo MediaLector will handle migration of problematic DAT tapes for which sophisticated error notification is required.

SR is using SRF for a two-year project that will migrate some 200,000 hours of audio recordings to secure and accessible digital storage. For the project, SRF has deployed multiple NOA Ingest Line systems, including MediaLector, to migrate the content of legacy carriers into the managed archive where it will be available to staff via the NOA mediARC distributed Web interface. The overall project began in February and will conclude in 2012.

“SRF was having serious problems with a few of its DAT tapes when they called us in,” said Sebastian Gabler, NOA project manager. “We were able to take an in-depth look at the workflow and develop a good solution to those problems so that SRF gained access to the content of those tapes. To accomplish this, we relied on an additional fully equipped MediaLector system and 14 Sony R500 DAT recorders, each refurbished and upgraded with the NOA Adaptation Kit. This is a good example of a complex and intransigent problem solved by a combination of NOA’s uniquely advanced technology and close cooperation with a customer.”

NOA MediaLector, part of the NOA Ingest Line family, works in concert with mediARC to perform quality-controlled mass migration of audio stored on DATs, cassette tapes and MiniDiscs. NOA’s Adaptation Kit for the R500 DAT enables it to document errors and read problems at the hardware level–effectively transforming a DAT machine into a professional block error reporting device (BLER).

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