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SSE Adds InnovaSon Boards to Inventory

Birmingham-based SSE Hire Limited has ordered five InnovaSon Sy80 digital live consoles to supplement

Birmingham-based SSE Hire Limited has ordered five InnovaSon Sy80digital live consoles to supplement its extensive digital consoleinventory. SSE has been using InnovaSon Sensory series consoles formore than two years with clients such as David Gray, UB40, BBC Top ofthe Pops, Stereophonics, Massive Attack, Faithless, Sting and manymore.

SSE technical director Chris Beale (pictured) said, “InnovaSon’sdigital consoles have always combined excellent audio performance withthe most straightforward user interface. Many engineers who initiallypassed the consoles by because of their cosmetic simplicity have beenvery surprised at the quality of the result, and we often find thatengineers who try the Sensory consoles under some duress simply gethooked once they start to use them. The new Sy80, which has evolvedfrom the earlier models and now has a very rich feature set, competeseffectively with any of the current crop of large-format digitalconsoles and does so with rock-solid and proven reliability,straightforward connectivity and the lowest shipping weight.

“SSE already has 11 InnovaSon consoles in hire stock and they havebecome the most popular product we own. It’s because we rarely have aconsole available without forward booking that we are expanding ourinventory. The key to owning and hiring digital consoles is to ensurethat they are versatile enough to cover the majority of the tasksdemanded of them with a minimum of hardware reconfiguration. The Sy80achieves this goal very effectively and the control surface easilyadapts to different applications, being as good at front of house as itis on monitors, and equally effective in theater or broadcast.

“The shift to digital mixing has been slow coming, but has nowbecome well established. Today, it’s hard to see how a touringproduction can afford to ignore the benefits of digital technology.There are other digital consoles on the market, of course, and thesecan be very effective. However I do not see a conflict between them andInnovaSon consoles. Like us, users and hire companies will realize thatthere are horses for courses and the Sy80 easily fulfils the tasks oflive mixing in 95 percent of applications at significantly lower costof ownership and with greater versatility. SSE owns other digitalconsoles but we make better profits with our InnovaSon consoles.”

The Sy80 consoles will be touring in conjunction with Nexo GeoTsystems and other cutting-edge technologies, and may be hired orpurchased from SSE. The company provides training and demonstrationfacilities and fast service and backup for users.

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