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SSL C100, C200

The C100™ is a small footprint, assignable console, specifically designed for on-air studio applications, such as news and sports and live-to-tape talk and game shows, while the new C200™

The C100™ is a small footprint, assignable console,specifically designed for on-air studio applications, such as news andsports and live-to-tape talk and game shows, while the new C200™Digital Production Console is a compact in-line digital mixing consoledesigned for multibus production for surround television and DVD-Audiomusic applications.

At the heart of the new C100 is SSL’s Centuri™processing technology, which features fault tolerance, self-healingDSP, hot-swappable components, rapid boot times and remote diagnostics.It contains all audio and control processing, I/O options and GPIOinterfacing within a single, robust 15U rack-mounted processorcore.

The C100’s compact control surface presents operators withimmediate access to all channel controls through the Master Channel,with options to define additional “soft” controls accordingto the input source; for example, providing dedicated access to micgain for a live mic source, or stereo balance trim on a VTR return. Inaddition, the Master Channel provides a full set of dedicated controlsper channel bay. Channels may be defined as mono, stereo or 5.1, withsingle-fader control, and the layout of sources on the console may bealtered quickly and simply while on-air. Channel layouts may also becreated with the C100’s offline configuration utility. Thededicated layout of the Master Channel has controls for EQ, dynamics,auxes etc.

The C100 contains several new and innovative broadcast features.“Control Linking” allows a range of configuration functionsto be linked to a specific input or output, such as Fader Start GPIs toCart machines.

TFT screens are used for channel metering and status information,while a central TFT touchscreen displays the signal level and status ofall mix buses. New fader cassettes incorporate a signal-level indicatorin addition to grouping display. These faders also have buttons tocontrol protection of the channel and to enable or override any GPIcontrol.

Audio follow video (AFV) functionality is included as standard,allowing the console to be controlled from an external source.

The C100 may be configured for 32, 64, 96 or 128 fully featuredinput channels. Dedicated N-1 bus, two program buses, eight group, 24utility and 24 auxiliary buses are provided, with per-channeldirect/N-1 and utility outputs.

The C100 handles remote mic sources with separate purpose-designedC-SB Stagebox units using multimode fiber connections up to 500 metersfrom the processor core. Up to 48 remote-controlled mic inputs fit intoa single fan-less 14U high chassis. Features include a low-levelbuffered output per channel, over 90 dB of gain with click-free gainsteps, and four DACs and GPIOs for communication feeds and signalingback to the stage. PSU redundancy comes as standard with options forredundant fiber links as required.

The C200 provides the latest adaptation of SSL’s in-lineconsole heritage with a dedicated “knob-per-function”control surface. The C200 is suitable for creative mixing applications,such as music or entertainment, where “hands-on” access toa large numbers of controls is essential. A special“mobile” configuration is also available, which offers upto 48 inline channel strips (105 faders) that can be fitted across thewidth of any standard mobile by fitting a single bay centersection.

Based on entirely new processing technology, the C200 operates at 48kHz or 96 kHz, and retains all of its busing capability at both samplefrequencies. The C200’s new processing also provides securitybenefits, such as self-healing DSP.

For demanding mix sessions, the C200 incorporates all of theautomation benefits of the company’s MT and MT Plus consoles, aswell as new capabilities such as integrated DAW control, scalable DSP,and complete layer and signal-path metering. Additional featuresinclude completely automated processing, offline mix editing and onlinemix compare. In broadcast production, features include Status Lock,Backstop PFL and self-healing DSP.

The console emulates an in-line approach, with two banks ofdedicated small and large faders providing simultaneous access to largeamounts of mix inputs. On the C200, the Centuri processor providesoptions for 64, 128 or 192 signal paths, with up to 12 programmablemain and group outputs, 48 utility buses, 96 direct outputs, 12auxiliary buses and 12 stereo direct inputs. The C200’s 12 mainmix buses can provide multiple 5.1 and/or stereo groups, and fullstereo or 5.1 monitoring facilities are also included. Combined withthe ability to configure channel strips for mono or stereo operation atany physical position, the console provides mono, stereo and 5.1flexibility.

The C200 also relies on SSL’s Centuri processing platform,which is optimized for DVD-Audio performance. The C200’s Centuriprocessing technology is also 192kHz-enabled.

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