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SSL for Basto’s Blue Room

Belgian composer/producer Jef Martens (aka Basto) has installed SSL's AWS 948 at his private studio, The Blue Room.

Hoogstraten, Belgium (June 6, 2011)–Belgian composer/producer Jef Martens (aka Basto) has installed SSL’s AWS 948 at his private studio, The Blue Room.

“The mission for The Blue Room was to create the perfect environment for realizing my musical ideas from start to finish,” says Martens. “The AWS 948 helps me fulfill that goal.”

Basto’s latest single, “Gregory’s Theme,” became a favorite with top DJs Pete Tong and TiÎsto, as well as attaining number one in the UK Upfront Dance Chart and placing in the Top 10 Sales and Airplay Chart in Belgium and The Netherlands. The first productions using the SSL were a Basto remix of Moby’s upcoming single “The Day” and a remix for a new Kylie Minogue track.

“Mixing outside the box with the AWS has definitely improved the stereo separation, depth and clarity of my mixes, as this is still the weak point of DAW mixing,” states Martens. “I own a well-known, transformer-based summing mixer, but in today’s bass-heavy dance and pop music, it’s nearly impossible to maintain a clear focused bottom-end on those designs. The SuperAnalogue sound of the SSL handles this very important frequency range superbly.”

The studio employs two SSL Alpha-Link units for 48-channel A/D-D/A conversion hooked up to a MadiXtreme 128. The facility also uses an XLogic X-Rack with 4000 series EQ and dynamics modules to add a bit of gritty flavor to snare, toms and other percussion, when needed.

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