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SSL Reaches Pinnacle

Los Angeles, CA (October 29, 2010)--Pinnacle College's Los Angeles campus now sports an SSL AWS 900 console in its recently upgraded Studio A.

Los Angeles, CA (October 29, 2010)–Pinnacle College’s Los Angeles campus now sports an SSL AWS 900 console in its recently upgraded Studio A.

Formerly known as Sound Master Recording Engineer School, one of the first of its kind in the United States, Pinnacle is carrying on the traditions of knowledge and competence by offering students the studio’s new AWS 900+ SE desk, sporting SuperAnalogue sound, work surface and integrated DAW control.

“At Pinnacle, we teach the students how things work, not how to work things,” says Francis Buckley, development manager for Pinnacle College. “We love the SSL AWS 900+ SE because it is a full-on, old-school analogue console combined with the modern version of the digital audio workstation control surface. It gives us great flexibility because we can use multiple DAW software packages, and the AWS controls them all.”

Pinnacle College offers certificate programs in audio engineering and video game sound design. The coursework puts emphasis on practical, hands-on training anchored on a background of theory of sound and music.

“The main reason why Pinnacle chose the AWS is because, first and foremost, it’s an SSL,” Buckley comments. “It looks exactly like the full-scale SSL consoles our students will be interacting with in music studios, post production facilities, Foley/ADR rooms and even remote trucks. The secondary, but just as important, reason was–yeah it’s an SSL–a great sounding board with a great company reputation. Thirdly, the AWS provides us with a vehicle from which we can build the foundational knowledge our students need in every discipline we offer. A dedicated controller for one software package can’t provide the range of learning experience the AWS provides.”

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