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Stanton Launches FinalScratch Version 1.5

Stanton has released FinalScratch Version 1.5. Powered by Traktor, this new version

Stanton has released FinalScratch Version 1.5. Powered by Traktor,this new version runs natively on the Windows XP platform (withoutLinux) and on Mac OS X 10.3 Panther. Version 1.5 also features ahigh-quality Key Correct function to maintain the pitch when changingtempo, the ability to fully resize the user interface and betteroverall performance.

According to the company, moving completely to Windows XP bringsmany advantages such as low-latency drivers, the ability to hot-swapthe Scratch Amp without restarting the application, and reliable,software-enhanced detection of the Scratch Amp. Users also gain fullsupport of network and FireWire drives; faster performance whensearching, analyzing and browsing; and full save and write operations.To transition from Linux to Windows XP, Tracktor can import tracks,playlists and collection data from the Linux partition. (Linux is nolonger supported from V. 1.5 forward.)

The new Key Correct function allows DJs to change the tempo oftracks without affecting pitch. Three types of Master Tempo modes areprovided—low, medium and high-quality—allowing users toselect a mode suitable to the resources of their computer. Thesehigh-quality, real-time, timestretching algorithms are the same used inNative Instruments’ full version of Traktor.

FinalScratch V. 1.5 will be available as a software upgrade forFinal Scratch users and can be downloaded this month at for $49 ($69 plus shipping fora CD). Users who purchased Final Scratch V. 1.1 after January 1, 2004,can download the update free for a limited time or get the CD by payinga nominal shipping charge.