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× Launches New Website

Software providers launched its brand-new Website, which boasts a re-worked navigational structure.

Software providers launched its brand-new Website,,which boasts a re-worked navigational structure, back-end enhancementsand new capabilities and scalability to the many new Web services thatare part of’s ongoing strategy.

CEO David Snipp outlined the key back-end improvements:“ is a highly complex site that delivers huge amountsof information to thousands of people every day, so efficiency andreliability are top priorities for us. To this end, we have made asignificant investment in new hardware to run the site and establishednew racks of dedicated servers in both Seattle and London offeringreplicated services. For the end-user, this means 24/7 uptime andoptimized global access times. We have also implemented SQL Server 2000databases across multiple dedicated machines to support Stardrawapplications. This has huge strategic implications, but for right now,it means faster data access, scalability, faster data transmission overincreased bandwidth and improved fault tolerance. We’ve alsoimproved the LiveUpdate process whereby users of our shrink-wrappedapplications install all-new monthly program updates. In thisenhancement, new compression techniques mean faster download andinstallation. We’ve also enhanced fault-tolerance offeringimproved error handling and also greater portability with improvedplatform support and browser independence.”