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Stengaard Adds A-Designs

Los Angeles, CA (September 14, 2010)--Peter Stengaard has added a hybrid A-Designs HM2 NAIL compressor to his arsenal at Diane Warren's RealSongs Studios in Hollywood.

Los Angeles, CA (September 14, 2010)–Peter Stengaard has added a hybrid A-Designs HM2 NAIL compressor to his arsenal at Diane Warren’s RealSongs Studios in Hollywood.

Aside from being a producer, engineer and musician in his own right, Danish-born Stengaard is also respected for his continuing residency as a producer at RealSongs Studios, which is owned by Diane Warren, regarded by many as the world’s most prolific and successful contemporary songwriter.

After seeing some favorable press on the NAIL, Stengaard contacted TransAudio Group’s Richard Bowman, who put him in touch with A-Designs’ Peter Montessi. “It all went bananas from there,” Stengaard recalls. “We met up here in L.A. and he let me try a bunch of his amazing gear in my home studio. To be honest, I was a little bit overwhelmed with all of these new boxes. I ended up getting a NAIL and REDDI [tube direct-inject box], which I’m stoked to have, and I’ll probably pick up a couple more things down the line.”

Stengaard was so pleased with the NAIL’s performance in his own studio that he told Warren her facility was in need of a good drum buss compressor. “Not that she really cares, though,” he laughs. “Diane is a brilliant songwriter with a fantastic ear, but she still prefers to use a cassette recorder to capture ideas in her writing room, so anything much more advanced than that really isn’t her cup of tea.” Nonetheless, Warren trusted his advice and approved the purchase, allowing him to keep his own NAIL permanently racked-up at home.

It is Stengaard’s duty at RealSongs to take the basic demos that Warren creates and turn them into polished, radio-ready productions. This involves not only engineering and producing the pieces, but often times programming and performing all of the instrumentation himself as well. Thanks to his musical and technical talents, it is not unusual for Stengaard’s versions to serve as the final backing tracks for releases from artists such as Lindsay Lohan, Ashanti and Jojo.

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