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Stephen Paul, Alan Hyatt Partner Up

It was announced at the Summer NAMM show that an agreement between Stephen Paul and Alan Hyatt to collaborate on bringing the new Stephen Paul Audio microphone

It was announced at the Summer NAMM show that an agreement between Stephen Paul and Alan Hyatt to collaborate on bringing the new Stephen Paul Audio microphone line to market has been reached.

Stephen Paul, widely known for his modifications of current and vintage pro condenser microphones, said, “This partnership feels right. I have declined other offers through the years by several high-powered foreign and domestic microphone and audio manufacturers, aimed at producing a product design, but were really business ventures aimed at acquiring rights to my name for use on unexceptional products.”

“With Alan Hyatt,” Paul continued, “I believe that I have found that special partner I have sought for so long in my quest to create a microphone for the pro market, which represents the best of Stephen Paul Audio’s most popular technology, delivered intact at a price that, while reflecting my desire to have the important things right and some real innovations, will still be more affordable in a production environment than it currently has been on a boutique basis. We have agreed that compromise is not an option where I consider perfection a must, and Alan has demonstrated to me that he is a man of his word. I am very excited about finally realizing the fulfillment of my dream in a manner that truly demonstrates what I have worked so hard to achieve in our exclusive designs, and produce a product that I can honestly stand behind. A microphone good enough to be able to say, ‘yes, this is a Stephen Paul Audio Microphone,’ and is an honest piece of the ‘Big-Time,’ which has earned its keep on thousands and thousands of great works of recorded art. It was done the way I really wanted.”

Alan Hyatt, the principal of Studio Projects Microphones, said, “I have been wanting to bring out a higher-end line of products to prove that a world-class microphone can be built, representing quality and performance levels that equal the best in the world and still be marketed at a reasonable selling price. When I met Stephen, we really hit it off. We are from the same hometown, know the same people, even recorded on the same label when we were young, and just became good friends. A joint partnership between us was obviously a perfect fit, and since Stephen’s microphone technology is acknowledged to be the finest in the world, who better to design the higher-end line of products I had dreamed of.

“We will show our first product at this year’s AES in Los Angeles, and hope to ship by January 2003,” continued Hyatt. “Stephen has amazing ideas and has been building the prototype by hand. Literally everything, including personally machining all the original parts in his lab’s metal shop. I believe that this new line of microphones will turn the industry upside down. If I were in the high-end microphone business, I would be paying very close attention to the fact that Stephen Paul is finally entering the market.”

Stephen Paul Audio Microphones will be distributed worldwide by PMI Audio Group.