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Strangeweather Studio Profile

Interview with Strangeweather New York Recording Studio Owner Joel Hamilton on Recording Projects and Audio Gear

Joel Hamilton

Strangeweather (www.strangeweather
) is a nice little studio in Williamsburg, N.Y., opened as a joint venture between producer/engineer Joel Hamilton (Tom Waits, Jolie Holland, Soulive, Frank Black, Unsane, Talib Kweli) and his longtime assistant, Marc Alan Goodman, a great engineer in his own right and now moving into the chief engineer/owner position at the studio. Hamilton will be working both out of Strangeweather and Studio G Brooklyn, his longtime headquarters with partner Tony Maimone.

The new room is geared toward outside engineers, and the gear choices and location were chosen to keep the younger bands and engineers in the loop. With an unparalleled gear and mic selection at their chosen day rate of $450 a day for the room, the duo says they don’t know of another studio in the New York City metro area that matches their value. (A day is defined as a 10-hour block of time, with room to move if the booking is for consecutive days, of course.)

The rate gets you a pretty stunning list of mics: U47s, M49s, M269, CMV563 and a ton of other classics. You also get to run all that classic goodness through the API 1608 console (32 returns at mix, 16 mic pre’s), a pair of Avedis MA-5s or a pair of Sage SE-1 mic pre’s — all Class-A. Other gear of note includes Pultecs, Bricasti M7, Lexicon PCM70, EMT 140, Echoplex and Sound Workshop reverbs. Monitoring is via NS-10s, Focals and JBL mid-field 4412s.