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Summit Integrates SPL For Church Projects

After a banner year of diverse projects, the four-year-old firm Summit Integrated Systems and its owner Chris Rayburn have geared their business to the

After a banner year of diverse projects, the four-year-old firmSummit Integrated Systems and its owner Chris Rayburn have geared theirbusiness to the houses of worship market and have relied onSPL/ServoDrive enclosures for numerous installs.

Six Sound Physics Labs SPL-td1s form the heart of a system for a new1,300-seat fan-shaped sanctuary, while three SPL-triks help an older300-seat hymn-based congregation make plans for a more progressivefuture. In the middle are projects with similarities to both, such as alarge congregation adapting 12,000 square feet of open space with lowceilings into a 1,300-seat worship center. This contemporarycongregation hosts numerous visiting national Christian artists andneeded the concert-level low end of two ServoDrive B-DEAPs.

In addition to these outside projects, Rayburn is focusing hisefforts on his in-progress church, VineLife Community in Gun BarrelColo. The roughly 100×120-foot room offers panoramic views of themountains through a floor-to-ceiling glass-front curtain wall.Unfortunately, the glass coupled with cinder block walls and a metalroof makes it difficult to achieve crystal-clear audio. Afteracoustical treatments, the existing system was reconfigured with thelatest DSP and existing speakers were relocated for better coverage.The next phase is replacement of existing speakers with a centercluster of SPL-triks. “My use of the triks in the past has always beenan exploded array across individual sections of a fan-shaped room, soI’m looking forward to it,” said Rayburn.

“Everyone at [SPL/ServoDrive] is really knowledgeable and caresabout our projects and relationships with our clients,” Rayburnconcluded. “Mark Seaton, director of sales, came out for a subdemo and shootout at a church with a few of our clients, and he notonly listened to our ideas and suggestions for future products, butalways makes us feel that our ideas are worth pursuing. Pat Tully,sales coordinator, makes sure that the church gets everything on time.But, of course, the real deal is the Sound Physics/ServoDrive productline. These boxes allow you to get the same or better coverage as theircompetitors at less cost because these speakers require lessprocessing, fewer amps and fewer boxes to provide the full=rangedirectional sound you need in virtually every church.”

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