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Sweetwater Bolsters USF Music Technology Program

Sweetwater’s partnership with USF began in 2007.

Fort Wayne, IN (February 22, 2018)—Education has long been part of Sweetwater’s mission, as has the concept of integrating itself into its local community. With that in mind, it’s easy to see how it founded a partnership with Fort Wayne, Indiana’s University of Saint Francis in 2007. Initially that began with providing funds to help create a four-year degree program in Music Technology, but today, the university’s School of Creative Arts Music Technology program has a new home in the $5-million renovated USF Music Technology Center in the heart of downtown Fort Wayne.

The program’s six faculty members teach three areas of concentration—Recording Engineering and Production; Audio for the Creative Arts; and Music Technology Sales—and the gear to outfit the various aspects of the program was purchased by special arrangement from Sweetwater. Also, Sweetwater sales engineers have been involved as consultants throughout the program’s existence.

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The USF Music Technology Center houses a 2,000-seat concert hall, several recording studios, a mastering studio, classrooms, a piano lab, 12 individual mix/edit suites, large-ensemble rooms, and individual practice rooms.

The concert hall is now equipped with a JBL Intellivox System. The flagship studio A is outfitted with a 32-channel Neve 5088 recording console. Additionally, the Pro Tools HDX system in Studio A has been augmented with Focusrite RedNet equipment so that ensembles and performers from anywhere in the building can be recorded over an Ethernet network via the Dante protocol, be it in an ensemble room two floors above the studios, in the 2,000-seat performance hall, or in a different studio in the building. Also on-hand is a 500 Series rack with processors from brands such as SSL, API, Earthworks, and others, as well monitors from ATC.

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Studio B houses an Avid S6 digital console and is built around a digital multichannel and post-production environment, while the Mastering Studio is built with critical listening in mind. All recording studios and ensemble rooms were designed by Haverstick Designs.

A dozen individual mixing and editing suites are built around an interface, MIDI controller, and all the necessary software applications allowing students to complete their assignments. Seven practice rooms are utilized for individual instrument lessons, practicing, and small-ensemble rehearsals

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