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Swineshead Adopts New DAD

Award-winning recording engineer David Bowles has adopted DAD's new AX32 AD/DA converter and digital router interface for his productions.

San Francisco, CA (October 14, 2014)—Award-winning recording engineer David Bowles has adopted DAD’s new AX32 AD/DA converter and digital router interface for his productions.

“I used the AX24 two years ago,” said Bowles, who formed Swineshead Productions, LLC as a classical music recording production company in 1995. “While I felt it was an excellent unit, it only had eight channels. Since that time, not only has DAD expanded the channel count but, also very importantly, they have introduced an IP interface, which is primarily what I’ll be using in my workflow.”

The AX32 accommodates up to 48 channels of analog inputs or outputs and provides a variety of digital interfaces. A microphone pre-amp option is also available.

“Using the Dante technology for audio-over-IP means that with a simple network switch, a whole raft of signals can be routed to two or more different devices simultaneously,” explains Bowles. “As it is, right out of the box, the AX32 has a number of interfaces—not only the IP, but also MADI, AES and Pro Tools. This allows me, without any sort of splitter, to make two completely redundant recordings of the same audio signal.”

“Now with both the optical MADI and the IP interfaces,” Bowles continues, “I can place the units right next to the microphones, so there are very short cables needed.”

To better evaluate the new DAD AX32, Bowles has been going back through his recent archives. “I’ve been listening to a lot of my projects, simply using the D-to-A conversion of the AX32. [T]here are just so many improvements and I’m able to apply some very subtle changes in mixing and processing, and hear the results immediately. Now, because the AX32 is something I can take on the road, I can have the same setup at home as on location—both for recording and for monitoring.”

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