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SymNet Designer 3.5 Now Available

The 3.5 upgrade to the SymNet Designer application software, which adds new features and capabilities to the SymNet Audio Matrix, and supporting new hardware, is now available online.

The 3.5 upgrade to the SymNet Designer application software, whichadds new features and capabilities to the SymNet Audio Matrix, andsupporting new hardware, is now available online.

A free upgrade, SymNet Designer 3.5 is backward-compatible with allexisting SymNet Audio Matrix hardware. From a Windows PC platform, theDesigner software is used to configure and tweak a SymNet system,on-site in real time if desired. Once the appropriate changes have beenmade and saved in the PC, the onscreen Download Entire Site commandarchives processing objects, routings, parameter settings, scheduling,graphics and all other aspects of sound system operation that fallunder SymNet’s control.

“One of the most powerful aspects of DSP-driven devices is theirability to assimilate new features by adding new code,” explained JimLatimer, director of sales at Symetrix. “Feature requests are our mostpowerful indicator of industry acceptance and user preferences. Byaddressing as many of those requests as we can, we continue to expandthe power and flexibility of the system.”

Among the requested features included in this upgrade are DSPlatency compensation, volume ramp-up after download, three differentgraphic EQ processors, improvements to the compressor/limiters andparametric EQs, and more graphic control when making user-designedcontrol screens. Also added are optimizations to make the system runmore efficiently when multiple control screens are added to adesign.

The 3.5 upgrade will support the introduction of Control I/Ohardware for SymNet. This RS-485-based device expands the options forexternal control by providing additional ports for analog pots orenclosures, more open collectors, binary relays and powered ARC ports.This hardware also includes a 15-pin joystick-to-MIDI port to connectgeneric MIDI fader packs to the system for real-time fader control inlive mixing scenarios. It is expected to be available shortly after thesoftware release.

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