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Synthogy Announces Ivory

Synthogy, an all-new audio software company dedicated to producing virtual instrument products with flexibility and realism, unveiled “Ivory,” its first virtual instrument product, at Winter NAMM 2004.

Synthogy, an all-new audio software company dedicated to producingvirtual instrument products with flexibility and realism, unveiled“Ivory,” its first virtual instrument product at WinterNAMM 2004. Ivory is available for AudioUnits, VST and RTAS for both PCand Mac OS X. The product will ship in the first quarter of 2004 andcarries an MSRP of $349.

Custom-built by Synthogy and produced by pre-eminent piano sounddesigner Joe Ierardi, Ivory features more than 3,500 samples designedto faithfully re-create every nuance of the grand piano.

Ivory features Synthogy’s proprietary 32-bit sample playbackand DSP engine, which was specifically built from the ground up tobring out the resonance, response and character of three of theworld’s finest concert grands: the German Steinway D 9-footConcert Grand, Bösendorfer 290 Imperial Grand and Yamaha C7 Grand.The product features more 20 Gigabytes of new samples, which werebrought to life in the finest studios and concert halls. All 88 keys ofeach piano were individually sampled in up to eight dynamic levels,including the extended low octave on the Bösendorfer, providingthe user with total control over the nuance of each note.

Ivory includes a host of features designed to ensure the integrityof the sound. Synthogy’s “Sympathetic StringResonance” digital signal processing provides realistic damperpedal response, and the package also includes release and soft pedalsamples. Ivory features an array of high-quality digital effects,including ambience, chorus and EQ, along with fully customizable usercontrols for timbre, stereo width and perspective, velocity response,mechanical key noise, tuning and more. Each 32-bit sample features fullsustain without looping, and Synthogy’s unique “sampleinterpolation” technology allows for ultrasmooth velocity andnote transitions. Finally, each of the three pianos can be installedindependently to save space on hard drives.

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