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The Systems Group Introduces MasterPlan for Digital TV

The Systems Group (TSG), a systems design and integration firm specializing in advanced technology applications for digital broadcast facilities, has

The Systems Group (TSG), a systems design and integration firm specializing in advanced technology applications for digital broadcast facilities, has introduced the MasterPlan Master Control Program. Designed to provide a simpler, more sensible approach to Master Control for DTV, MasterPlan contains all of the equipment, logistics and documentation to solve any station’s needs. By drawing on its extensive research, hands-on experience and solid industry relationships, TSG’s MasterPlan program can speed the adoption of even the most complex and varied master control solution.

The MasterPlan program identifies the best solutions for stations or origination centers by analyzing cost-effective industry trends and opportunities. By working closely with dozens of the industry’s top manufacturers such as Sundance, Pinnacle, General Instruments and Dolby Labs, TSG carefully matches features and functions that target an organization’s immediate needs, future plans and budgetary goals.

TSG has been involved in the recent design and implementation of vital facilities for major broadcasters such as: a 4-channel regional master control for Tribune Broadcasting; an 8-room, coordinated control room facility for NFL and NCAA sports feeds for CBS Sports; a multi-timezone Broadcast Operations Center for MSNBC and a 10-room/30-channel HD/surround sports Network Origination Center for ESPN.

TSG’s MasterPlan program can help organizations navigate even the most vexing technology such as DTV transmission, HDTV, Multichannel Audio, Multicasting, Webcasting and Edgecasting all in a single, easily installed package.

“The MasterPlan Program can help make even the most unwieldy master control solution manageable by making sense of the myriad variables and options available when planning a digital master control system,” says Chris Mehos, president of The Systems Group. “I think that what our clients will find most appealing about the program is that we not only streamline the master control process but we accelerate implementation by tapping our extensive experience and long-standing industry relationships.”

The MasterPlan’s options include older videotape assets can interface to the new system without conversion to disk; automation Systems that provide for unattended automatic recordings of specific lines, control inserts, playback, backup, monitoring, control antenna selection and positioning; integration of existing routing switchers—even analog—into new MCR suite; premier switching and control systems that feature 2D/3D/DVE, multiple keyers, A/V breakaway, serial/parallel tally, GPIO and full internal redundancy; up-conversion gear allows local productions to be featured in HDTV—even when HD material is unavailable; devices with multiple key layers, FTP-based image file transfer allow for product branding; ATSC Multiplexer with five inputs for each channel or service, upgradeable to meet future information delivery need; monitoring and control via consolidated viewing and annunciation systems for IT and broadcast system health are displayed via TCP/IP and SNMP management.

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