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Tapco Squeez

The new TAPCO Squeez SQ.2 offers two channels of smooth, natural compression and gating
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The new TAPCO Squeez SQ.2 offers two channels of smooth, naturalcompression and gating, plus an adjustable air filter for that classicstudio vocal sound of the ’60s and ’70s. The compressorsection offers both auto soft-knee and hard-knee curves, while the softgate employs an Expander function at the threshold. Finally, theadjustable air filter adds natural top end as you compress, letting youdial in vintage vocal or guitar sounds.

Features include a 2-channel compressor/gate, individualthreshold/ratio/attack/release controls per channel, output gaincompensation controls, auto attack/release function with indicator,individual channel In/Out button and indicator, precision 8-segmentgain reduction meters, XLR/TRS and side-chain connections, andselectable line voltage (115/230V).

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