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Tascam USB/FireWire Interfaces Now Panther-Ready

Tascam has announced Mac OS X 10.3 Panther compatibility for all of its USB and FireWire computer recording products.

Tascam has announced Mac OS X 10.3 Panther compatibility for all ofits USB and FireWire computer recording products. The new Panther-readydriver for the FW-1884 (shown), Tascam’s FireWire control surface andaudio/MIDI interface, adds new features such as improved audio latency,flexible routing options and SoftLCD computer display. The US-122,US-224 and US-428 have had Panther-compatible drivers since the day OSX 10.3 was released.

“Tascam is committed not only to supporting new OS versions as theyare released, but to take advantage of new features with each new OSrelease,” said Jim Bailey, senior product specialist for the company.”The new FW-1884 driver adds a list of new features based on customerdemand, as well as improved performance and support for the new FE-8Fader Expander. With this new driver, Tascam has the widest selectionof Panther-compatible computer interfaces and control surfaces of anyaudio manufacturer.”

In addition to Panther support, FW-1884 driver Version 1.10 offersdirect routing from eight analog inputs to eight ADAT outputs; expandedsurround control allows the Monitor Level knob to attenuate analogoutputs 1 and 2, 1 through 4, 1 through 6 or 1 through 8; three auxsends on all channels except the effects return; audio latencyperformance has improved on both the Mac and Windows drivers; and theFE-8 8-channel fader expander is now supported.

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