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Tatz Treats Chante Pejuta

Carl Tatz recently completed a new personal MixRoom for singer/songwriter Eaden Shantay.

Nashville, TN (December 16, 2013)—Multiple TEC Award-nominated studio designer Carl Tatz recently completed a new personal MixRoom for singer/songwriter Eaden Shantay.

Tatz is principal of Carl Tatz Design LLC and creator of the MixRoom concept, which pairs the Carl Tatz Signature Series acoustic modules by Auralex with the PhantomFocus System (PFS) monitor tuning protocol. The new studio, named Chante Pejuta, is located in Carbondale, CO, just outside of the ski resort town of Aspen.

“Carl’s experience and attention to detail were off the charts. His Signature Series acoustic modules by Auralex, including the Acoustic Lens, were custom installed with great precision,” describes studio owner Eaden Shantay, who recently released the album Endless Sea. “It not only looks great but when sitting in the console chair inside of the PFS sweet spot, the sound is totally amazing. The audio on every track is vividly revealed within a three-dimensional soundscape, which greatly enhances recording, editing and mixing. I could not be more pleased with this creation. Carl, you knocked it out of the park.”

During the 21-day Chante Pejuta MixRoom installation, Tatz also returned to Jamie Rosenberg’s Great Divide Recording Studios, Aspen, Colorado’s premier recording facility. Tatz was requested to bring the studio’s Dual PFS up to the latest PFS specs using the new implementation protocols for the two-channel ADAM S3X-H near-field system and the 5.1 soffited ATC SCM 150 mains system. “As amazing as the systems performed before,” commented Rosenberg, “They now sound like new speakers.”

“Having lived in Colorado for five years before moving to Nashville, I’m reminded of the ‘closer to God’ vibe you feel living over a mile above sea level,” recalls Tatz. “We’re very grateful to continue to be recommended and hired to implement our studio designs and PhantomFocus Systems here in this wonderful area with strong interest for more in the future.”

Carl Tatz Design