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Tatz Tunes Two for Lehning

Carl Tatz did such a good job tuning Kyle Lehning's main monitors he had to return to tune the nearfields.

Nashville, TN (January 31, 2011)–Carl Tatz did such a good job tuning Kyle Lehning’s main monitors he had to return to tune the nearfields.

“Damn you, Carl Tatz!” was the subject line of the email from Lehning to Tatz after he implemented Lehning’s Dynaudio M3 main monitors with his PhantomFocus System (PFS) monitor tuning protocol. “You made the Dyns sound so amazing, the consensus here is that we need you to PhantomFocus the ATC nearfields now!”

Lehning, a multiple Grammy winner, has been producer and engineer for country music icon Randy Travis throughout his career. The head of Asylum Records through the 1990s, he has continued to produce and record many artists over the years, including Little Richard, George Jones and Restless Heart. He finished new CDs for icons Johnny Mathis and Jimmy Webb this year and is in the process of completing a new CD for Kenny Rogers and emerging artist James Dupre.

In the testimonial section of the PFS brochure on the Carl Tatz Design website, Kyle Lehning states, “Carl Tatz and his PhantomFocus System have managed to create a full-range, accurate, musical listening environment that gives us confidence that our mixes are going to sound the way we intend, no matter the destination. He’s done two systems for us and we love them both.”

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