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Tatz Updates Yes Master

Carl Tatz implemented a new PhantomFocus System 2 for Nashville's Yes Master Studios after the facility's 10-month post-flood renovation.

Nashville, TN (March 9, 2011)–Carl Tatz implemented a new PhantomFocus System 2 for Nashville’s Yes Master Studios after the facility’s 10-month post-flood renovation.

“At first, I was actually frightened, as if I had been transported to the planet Jupiter and then just became giddy with the realization that I had this incredible monitoring system in my mastering suite–it was that dramatic,” says owner Jim DeMain. Tatz had designed the facility back in 2004 along with an early-iteration PhantomFocus System.

DeMain has been successful, staying booked over the years with a wide array of clients and Grammy awards, including most recently the Grammy-nominated Band of Joy by Robert Plant.

The new system incorporates the latest PhantomFocus protocols and technologies, including proprietary 159-band, 96 kHz digital processing; 220-volt Bryston SST2 amplification; new damping and isolation elements; and line level and low voltage embellishments.

“We pulled out all the stops for Jim this time, using everything we’ve learned over the last decade to make Yes Master really pop, and it paid off big time,” says Tatz.

DeMain commented, “I took the new Vince Gill CD I’ve been working on in my temporary space and put it up on Carl’s new system. I was able to hear details and nuances that I never knew existed, and the low-end definition and extension are insane. I took those new tweaks out to the car and I’m convinced that this is the best work I’ve ever done.”

Carl Tatz Design