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TC Offers Restoration Suite for PowerCore

Included with TC’s Restoration Suite for the PowerCore platform is DeScratcher and three real-time plug-ins: Denoising, Declicking and Descratching.

Included with TC’s Restoration Suite for the PowerCoreplatform is DeScratcher and three real-time plug-ins: Denoising,Declicking and Descratching.

The DeScratcher included patented new technology from Noveltech toeliminate impulsive-type errors, such as extreme clicks or drop outs indigital signals or scratched vinyl recordings, in audio material. Theplug-in reconstructs long missing signal sections. The process is basedon mathematical modeling of the undamaged signal before and after thedamaged signal portion, extrapolating the gaps in between. By the useof forward and backward extrapolation across the damaged area, themissing signal section is estimated with great accuracy.

DeNoise is optimized for broadband noise removal, from tape hiss tostatic environmental noise. DeNoise is fingerprint-based and its edittools allow manual adjustments of the analyzed fingerprints for moreprecise processing results.

DeClick repairs crackle and clicks, featuring a streamlined and fastuser interface with only two key parameters. The Audition function anda display with statistical feedback on the declicking performancesimplify the setup process.

Uffe Kjems Hansen, VP of product management at TC Electronic, said,”Not only was it important to provide audio professionals with trulypowerful tools, but one of our main concerns is always to maketechnology fast and easy to use. We feel that the Restoration Suitealready delivers on this promise, and are looking forward to even moreresults of our ongoing collaboration with Noveltech.”

The Restoration Suite is now shipping with a MSRP of $1,499; anintroductory offer for Version 1.0 is $999.

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