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TerraSonde Analysts Firmware

The Analysts Firmware module brings the power of three measurements within the reach of any Audio Toolbox owner:

The Analysts Firmware module brings the power of three measurementswithin the reach of any Audio Toolbox owner: Multi-Band RT60, STIpa andTDA. The module installs easily on the Audio Toolbox and includes allof the measurements from TerraSonde’s Contractors firmware module, aswell.

TerraSonde offers a custom multiband RT60 measurement as the firstnew tool in the suite. The user can read eight different RT60 timesfrom a single burst of wide-band pink noise. The results are providedin real time and can be saved to memory for plotting and reporting.

STIpa is a new speech-intelligibility standard developed to moreclosely correlate with the Speech Intelligibility Index. STI-PA, whichstands for STI for Public Address, is a measurement in which sevendifferent frequency bands are analyzed simultaneously within a specificpink-noise waveform. The result is expressed in a “score” that isindicative of the amount of speech intelligibility from that position.The process takes place in real time on the Toolbox.

TDA is TerraSonde’s version of time-delay spectrometry. Used inconjunction with a special version TerraLink, users will be able tocreate and print 3-D waterfall graphs of reverb decay vs. frequency, aswell as be able to visually see room modes and uneven decayresponses.

The Analysts firmware module includes the above tools, as well asthe other audio tests and measurements found in TerraSonde’sContractors firmware. It also includes a special version of TerraLink,TerraSonde’s external software application.

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